Buzzing Policy: posting without a response from the customer

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While it’s okay to ask for a rating along with your post giving a complete answer to a question, JustAnswer does not allow Experts to post back to the page again to remind the customer to rate.  This is called “buzzing” the customer, and it is expressly prohibited. 

Posting multiple times in a row on a customer's question page is also considered buzzing. Each time an Expert clicks the "send" button, the customer receives another email notification that their Expert has replied, and posting multiple times in a row fills their inbox with unexpected emails, which they easily consider spam.  Simply relock the page if you need more time, be sure you've typed up your full and complete reply in the single post, then click "send" and wait for your customer to rate or respond before posting again. This way they'll be expecting an email from you.

We remind customers on your behalf to rate their experience with you. Here are several ways that we are reminding customers to rate:

Customer's Q&A Page

At the very top of the customer's Q&A page, we remind customers that they should give Experts a positive rating so they may be credited. This 5-star rating scale is only enabled when you've checked the "Answer" checkbox along with your complete answer.

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When the customer gets your complete answer, we also let them know that they can follow up with you for additional information and once again, to rate you.

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Email Reminders

JustAnswer automatically sends customers reminders to encourage them to rate Answers and/or follow up with their Expert.

JustAnswer's reminder steps for customers to rate answers: If a rating has not happened 24 hours after an Answer is provided, JustAnswer sends an email reminder to the customer, on behalf of the Expert, reminding the customer to rate the Answer. These Rating/Reply reminders are scheduled to go out 24 hours after an answer has been provided by Expert, and again after 48 hours, 72 hours, one week, and periodically after that.  

In support of the Expert community, JustAnswer also communicates to customers that ratings are required so that Experts are properly credited for their answer, time, and effort. 

One-time Check-in Post

In addition to the above system-generated reminders, Experts are also welcome to do a one-time check in on the question page if 24 hours has passed after they've provided an answer but the customer has not rated or replied.  

Here are the guidelines:

1) The check-in post can only be done between 24 hours and 7 days after your answer, if the customer has not rated you

2) It is used only to check in to see how things are going, for example: "Hi, just checking in to see how things are going. Do you need further assistance?"

3) It may not be used to buzz for a rating

4) It may only be done one time per question page

5) If two or more Experts have replied on the page, it can only be done if the other Experts have opted out

If you have any questions, "Submit a Request" to Expert Support using the button on the top of the Expert Help Center pages.  

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    This I did not know. Oops

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    I dint know that either Oops

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    Brian HVAC Guy

    It's nice to see you show us what the customer sees. I've asked for that for years! I had no idea you provide a signature line and now I know my signature line is nearly identical and redundant making one or both of us look a little foolish. Not all of us have been on the customer side of the coin so it's difficult to know what they see without you publishing it to us. Thanks for that, keep the customer screenshots coming! -Brian

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    With regards to the rampant abuse the current rating system endures, and in spite of Justanswer emailing customers and asking them to rate, Is there some type of expert implemented flagging system we can flag customers that don't rate good quality answers? This may help give experts a heads up to not spend too much time with a known offender and to answer at his/her own risk. Time is valuable, and we don't need to waste it on customers that have issues with rating good quality answers.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Thanks, Brian.

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    Thanks Maria for your help.

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    @Eclayton4: you can already now view the other questions the client has (click on his green name in when editing your answer) and can see how many he asked and how many he rated positive. For new clients that don´t have an existing account, it is of course impossible to know that measure.

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    I am new here and this is good information. Just starting out, I was a bit confused because I would answer a question and then the customer vanished. Because we are encouraged to make sure that we fully answered their question, I would go back in later and ask if they needed anything else and at the end give a reminder to rate me. So now I know not to do that for the the customers who go MIA. They don't say thank you or anything to let you know they are satisfied. They just disappear. I know now to just let them go and not engage any further.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Tim! Welcome to the Expert community! It is always good practice to send a follow up message if you have not heard back from the customer. It's a good opportunity to see if the customer needs any more help and show that you care.