No-Click Ratings (NCR): Expert Requesting Payment

By Lori Jones |

The customer thanked me but did not rate. Can I still be paid?

If a customer indicates satisfaction with your answer, but they forget to return to the site to give you a positive rating, you may be eligible to receive payment for the answer. This is commonly referred to as a "No-Click Rating" (NCR).

Guidelines for NCR Payment:

  1. It has been 72 hours (3 full days) since the customer’s last post on the page. 
  1. The customer indicates satisfaction in the question thread.  
  1. In the event two or more Experts have provided answers, the customer has clearly indicated they wish to pay you for your answer. 

To submit an NCR request,  use the red "Submit an Inquiry" button on the top of the Expert Help Center pages and select "No-Click Rating."  Be sure to include a link to the PQA page.  You can also Click here.

Easier way to submit No-Click Rating (NCR) Requests

Starting on 8/16/17, we're excited to add a new feature to make it easier for Experts to submit NCR requests from both the Active Request page and My Requests. This method is available after 72 hours. If it is the last two days of the month, and this method is unavailable, please send your NCR using the traditional method outlined above. We want to get you paid in the same month whenever possible. 

On the Active Request page, you will see a new link labeled "Request NCR" located on the top-right corner of the page. This link allows you to submit an NCR request while you still have the question opened.

So how do you find questions that could be NCRs? You can visit the My Requests page which now shows questions you've responded to in the past 30 days and has a switch to only see unrated questions.

 Frequently Asked Questions: 


How long does it take to review my NCR request after submitting it?  

Requests are generally processed within 72 hours, but may take up to one week. Please do not inquire about a submitted NCR until 7 days. 

If I send in an NCR request in the last few days of the month, will it be processed before month-end? 

Every effort will be taken to process NCR requests submitted before month-end. 


Should I send in a duplicate request if I don't see the rating process?

No. If you don't hear from us after 7 days, you may send the question page link as an earnings inquiry, and we'll be happy to investigate for you. 

What are some reasons my request did not qualify? 

The customer did not express satisfaction with your Answer; their deposit for that page was refunded; they contacted Customer Service to say they did not need the answer. 


Additional Information:

  • Payments gained under this policy will be paid under the usual ratings-related percentages; however, payments cannot exceed the dollar amount on deposit in the customer’s account 
  •  An Expert should submit an NCR request within 30 calendar days from the posting of the question. If the request is submitted after 30 calendar days, the request may be denied



If you have any questions about this policy, "Submit a Request" at the top of the Expert Help Center page and choose "Policy," or Click here.

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    Is there any plan on having experts paid for more questions than they are? From what i see many, many customers knowingly abuse the service we provide, it can be very frustrating.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Noland, we are exploring a few alternatives in the coming months. We do send customers several reminders to rate their Experts if they haven't done so. And you're in the right section for when a customer has expressed satisfaction with your answer but did not rate, you can submit a NCR request and our Expert Moderators will make the necessary adjustments for you.

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    Right, i am aware of that and have been doing this on and off for years, but am starting to spend more time now. The additional services offering is the only thing added in the last few years that does let us get more ratings, and i like it and I'm sure other professionals do too, however at least for myself, i see many questions go unrated - ones I have fielded all by my self and ones that many others have worked on. Correct me if i am wrong, but it seems like there is a fair amount of customers who either do not know how or to rate us, or simply do not care enough to do so / may be abusing the system.

    Am i seeing things incorrectly?

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    I think a "thank you" should be enough to be entitled to a no click rating request.
    this shows to me that a customer is satisfied with your answer.
    there is nothing worse than spending time with a customer, having them thank you than not being paid for your time.

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    Hello Anh, can you post exactly what you do send the customer that doesn't come back to rate, but gives us a "I appreciate so much you helping me find the problem" and "thank you so much" Instead of us asking them to rate the question, which for me just doesn't seem right asking them to rate the question. I would like to see exactly what is sent to the customer that doesn't come back to rate a question, Can you can send it to me at XXXXXXXXXXX or post it here? Thank you!

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    I agree. I get so many customers that just read the answer and never come back to rate. Even a negative rating would be better than no rating. At least we know that the customer knows what to do or does care enough to rate. My thoughts on this matter is that if the customer doesn't give any rating in a specified time period, the expert should get an automatic 5 star rating. I personally get so frustrated, that I won't even answer anymore questions or avoid certain questions altogether. I am sure that other experts do the same. I think automatic ratings when we don't hear anything else from the customer would fix a lot of that and get many more questions answered or responded to that otherwise wouldn't be.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi John, thank you for your suggestion. I agree that non-raters are a problem and we are actively looking at different things we can test to combat this. If you haven't done so, try sending a follow-up message to customers (72 hours after your answer) to ask if the customer needs any other information. It's a good chance to remind customers that you're still there.

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    Hello, a few of my questions were closed by moderators. What does that mean?