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JustAnswer’s mission is to help people by providing the world’s leading expert marketplace where people can access verified Experts—quickly, conveniently, and affordably. By doing so, we believe that we can improve the world. 

To foster an online community of which we can all be proud, JustAnswer’s platform focuses on providing customers with access to quality answers and compassionate Experts. The collective values we expect will shape the Expert Community’s interactions with customers and other Experts on JustAnswer are: 


1. We're Experts and professionals. When Experts pay attention to customers’ questions and only answer questions they are qualified to answer, the platform becomes consumers’ top choice. When Experts do not have the expertise to provide a helpful answer, Experts should allow another Expert to respond (or move the question to a more appropriate category). Although staying with the same Expert provides the best customer experience, if a customer follows up with more detail that leads a question out of your area of expertise, Experts can opt-out and allow another Expert to respond. 

2. Prioritize helpfulness. When answering customers’ questions, Experts provide a helpful experience from start to finish. This includes only taking over a question where another Expert is involved if either the customer or Expert has opted out of further engagement with the customer. Posting any time another Expert is already involved with the customer is considered “overposting” and is a policy violation. 

Additionally, to support the best experience possible, Experts observe the following: 

a. Honor requests for specific experts. Per the Requested Expert Policy, if a customer requests a specific Expert, only the requested Expert should take the question, unless the question has been opened to all Experts.   

b. Complete the first Premium Service before accepting more than one Auto Premium Service (this is otherwise known as “Stacking Premium Services” and is a practice Experts should not participate in). For more information, view the Steps to Offer Premium Services to Customers Help article.  

Experts must successfully complete the Auto Premium Service request and submit the Auto Premium Service: Fulfillment Report within 36 hours of accepting the request in order to get paid. You will receive a notification to fill out the fulfillment report after accepting an Auto Premium Service request (the report is also found in the My Questions page). 

c. Respond diplomatically to Second Opinion questions. As a new Expert responding to the question, Experts respectfully help the customer understand another differing point of view. 

If you are the Expert on the original question and find that the customer has posted the question again, do NOT post a reply to their request for a second opinion. For more tips, view the Second Opinion questions Help article. 

3. Thoughtful Communication. When participating on JustAnswer, Experts should strive to provide complete, concise, easy-to-understand responses to customer questions that let customers know they are valued. Experts may greet the customer to let them know they are working on a response. If an Expert needs more information to answer the question, they may post an Information Request by responding with their question(s) without checking the completed checkbox. This will signal the site to send an email to the customer to notify them of the response and possible request for more information. Experts should mark a question as “Completed” once the Expert has given a full and complete answer and feels the bulk of the conversation is complete. This signals to the customer that the answer is ready for them and allows the question to be processed for payout.

4. Responsiveness. By offering functionality to answer questions online or by phone, customers expect prompt responses. Experts can help enhance demand for services by aiming to respond quickly to new questions and to customers’ follow-up questions and:   

a. To help customers get the quality, fast answers they are seeking, Experts may respond to any unlocked questions on the Question List where the previous Expert has opted out. 

b. Timely responses to questions also helps drive demand. In the absence of a legitimate Information Request (IR) or Answer, just greeting customers in order to lock a question, also known as “tagging”, is not permitted. Experts are free to respond to any unlocked questions on the Question List for which a customer is waiting for an Expert's answer. For more information about locking a question, please see the Request Center Overview Help article. 

5. Originality. We pride ourselves on providing customers with original and lawful content. Copying and pasting responses from another person’s or entity’s work (for example, from other sites or from other Experts on JustAnswer), unless there is permission from the copyright owner or reference the source will not be tolerated. JustAnswer should not be used for purposes of plagiarism in any context, or in cheating in the academic setting—including copying other Experts. Originality keeps JustAnswer a platform of choice.

6. Accurate Representation. Experts should not present themselves in a manner that conveys they are a representative of customer support or JustAnswer.

a. Likewise, Experts should refrain from discussing or initiating conversations about refunds unless specifically requested by the customer. JustAnswer has the right to resolve Customer complaints as it deems necessary or advisable, including, in JustAnswer’s sole discretion, issuing refunds to Customers to settle disputes as outlined in the Expert Agreement Expert Agreement. For more information, learn more about how to handle customer refund requests 

b. Answering a question that is clearly a customer service issue (e.g., a request for a refund or cancellation) is a site violation. If the initial question is a customer service issue, rather than responding to it, you may use the customer service/refund report. If you are already working with the customer on a real question, and a customer service issue comes up, please direct the customer to contact Customer Service directly. 

7. Compassion. We Go the “extra mile” when possible to show customers that their questions matter by providing concise, direct response to the originating question first. Our goal is not only to help people, but to leave each person we encounter with the feeling that his or her best decision that day was asking a question on JustAnswer. We provide complete and helpful answers and never simply provide a link to another website as the “answer” to a question.

8. Professionalism. JustAnswer provides peer review functionality to support a quality experience for customers. Experts should not try to circumvent the peer review system and should only use reports constructively as they are intended to ensure high quality answers and policy adherence. Experts may use the Expert Peer Review Report in the Expert Help Center to report policy or quality issues observed. 

9. Respect. JustAnswer’s Expert community is compassionate, polite, and respectful toward other customers, Experts, and JustAnswer moderators and personnel. We understand that customers come from many different walks of life and have varying experiences and backgrounds, and they all deserve our respectful assistance. 

We welcome new Experts, and try to help them develop on the site, knowing that we all benefit from good Experts and quality answers on JustAnswer. When there are disputes with other Experts, those disputes should be resolved politely and appropriately through the official JustAnswer channels. Experts should not file false reports about other Experts, nor retaliate when a report is filed. Further, per the Rudeness-Zero-Tolerance-Policy, Experts understand and accept that: 

a. There is a zero-tolerance policy for Experts who are rude (or unprofessional, argumentative, or threatening) to a customer, to another Expert, or JustAnswer representatives, as determined by JustAnswer in its sole discretion, will either be given notice of this violation of the Terms or be no longer welcome as an Expert on the site or in the relevant category.  

b. Acting in any manner considered to be harmful or threatening to any User of the Site is a violation of the Expert Agreement and Terms of Service. Manipulation, undermining, harassing, or threatening any User of the Site will not be tolerated. Nor will disrupting the integrity of any Customer, Expert, or other feedback ratings, reports, or systems on the Site, including filing false reports or retaliation.  

c. Experts should not solicit or ask for feedback from customers. However, educating customers about resources that can support their experience such as providing feedback, ratings, and adding Experts as favorites, is permissible. 

10. Courtesy. Experts are welcome to post a check-in with customers on the question page, after your answer has been provided to see if they still need help or have follow up questions. Experts are prohibited from asking for ratings (otherwise known as “buzzing”). For more information, view the Posting Without a Response from the Customer Buzzing Policy. 

11. Privacy and Confidentiality. As Experts on JustAnswer, interactions with JustAnswer customers should be courteous and exclusive to the JustAnswer site. Experts should not share or ask for personal information to/from other Experts nor customers (except when done via the Premium Service feature). Experts should not solicit other Experts or customers of the site unless expressly approved by JustAnswer. Experts should also observe the following:

a. Privacy and Confidentiality: Information and materials submitted in the content of your questions, answers, requests for information, responses, profiles, signatures, qualifications, comments, and posts in the Expert Forum and other places where Users communicate on the Site (collectively "Posts") is not private or confidential, nor is it protected by attorney-client, doctor-patient, or any other privilege, and it may be read, collected, and used by others. 

b. Asking for Personally Identifiable Information (PII): Experts should not request PII from customers, doing so is a violation of our Privacy Policy and Expert Agreement. Personally Identifiable Information includes, but is not limited to, social security numbers, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and names. Likewise, activity such as logging into someone else’s account, including but not limited to a student account, for any purpose is considered a violation of Terms. 

c. Secure remote assistance: If a customer’s computer problems cannot be solved by a simple Q&A session, or if you would like to offer a secure remote assistance session in addition to your initial answer, you may use the Premium Services tool to offer a secure remote assistance session at an additional amount. Remote assistance sessions should be appropriately ended by the Expert once the session has concluded. View more information about the Secure Remote Assistance Policy. 


Please remember that your use of the site is governed by the Terms of Service and Expert Agreement, in addition to these Community Guidelines. 

If you have any questions, contact us by clicking here.

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