Policy governing Information Request (IR) versus Answer

By Christine |

There are two ways to respond to a customer's question:

1. Information Requests

When you begin replying to a customer and you need additional information from the customer in order to provide a complete answer to a question, leave the "Answer" checkbox unchecked when sending your replies. Use cases:

a) Posting an initial greeting;
b) Asking the customer a clarifying question;
c) Verifying information with the customer; or
d) Giving any other sort of non-answer response.

2. Answers

When you are providing any portion of an answer -- content that can resolve the customer's issue if they try your troubleshooting step or lead them to a resolution -- check the "Answer" checkbox before sending your reply.   The customer is notified on their screen and via email that their answer is ready, and the customer's rating scale is enabled so they can provide their rating if your answer helps. 

Tip:  Before you check the "Answer" box and send your reply, you're welcome to add on a quick sentence to your reply to let the customer know their satisfaction is your goal, that you welcome any follow-up questions they may have, and that their 5-star rating at the conclusion of their correspondence with you is most appreciated. 

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    Is the old format, which allows Information Requests, still available (in any format or on any page) ?

  • Avatar

    I don't think the old format is available anymore.
    But more importantly....I don't see the "I'm ready to be rated" box, that is mentioned for the new PQA format.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi! The information on this page is outdated and will be updated soon to reflect changes in PQA. We are bringing back the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox on 10/15.

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    One of the biggest problem comes from using just answer mobile application, everything we type in, is always ready to be rated. Is there a way to remove the rating check similar to desk top?

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Eli! Yes, we are looking into this for future improvement. We will let you know if this happens.

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    Maria Castillo

    This article has been updated! Thank you!