Best Practices for Expert Profile Photos




  • GregChick

    I too think the stereotypical stethoscope over the shoulder is tacky. My wife is an MD and never wears one like that.
    I am a plumber and when I see a picture ad of a "plumber" leaning over a toilet with a big red pipe wrench, I cringe. There is nothing about a toilet that ever needs any pipe wrench, unless your going to smash the china toilet into pieces!
    But, not all rappers are black, not all Texans are red necks, and everyone in San Fransisco is Gay. Therefore stereotypes are tacky. If this comment is offensive, I am sorry, I only intend to be honest about images and people.

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  • Anh Nguyen

    Hi Greg, thanks for your input. Just know that this article is meant to be used as suggestions based user testing we conducted with customers. You are welcome to choose a photo that you think will resonates well and communicates trust with customers.

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