Secure Remote Assistance Policy

By Christine |

Offering a secure remote assistance session to a customer.

If a customer’s computer problems cannot be solved by a simple Q&A session, or if you would like to offer a secure remote assistance session in addition to your initial answer, you may use the Premium Services tool to offer a secure remote assistance session at an additional amount. When customers accept the Premium Services offer, your initial answer will be accepted (if already given) as will be the Premium Services amount. It is then up to you to fulfill the offered and accepted Premium Service.

We advise that all Experts use the built-in secure remote assistance tool, so that we have a log of sessions and can ensure quality and verify fulfillment in case of refunds.

If you are unable to use the built-in secure remote assistance tool, you may use a third-party remote support tool of your choice, as long as the following are true:

MANDATORY: The session key and/or ID becomes invalid immediately after the professional logs out of a customer’s computer (i.e. once you have left the session, no one can get back in).

RECOMMENDED: The session is able to be recorded (this is not mandatory, but in order to protect yourself in case of an irate customer who demands your removal, you may want to have a recording of what took place).

Exchanging private contact information.

Please keep in mind that once you are granted access to the Premium Services tool on JustAnswer, you will have the ability to exchange private information (phone number, Skype handle, etc.) with the customer while working on the first question in the Q&A.  Please note that this is at your discretion and that of the customer. Private information will be exchanged securely via JustAnswer if you use the private information field in the Premium Services tool (do not enter private information in the Q&A thread) and will be visible only to you, the customer, and site admins.

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