Updated phone call experience - getting customer preferences up front

More earning opportunity with Premium Services! Plus, get payout boosts and rest assured your earnings are safeguarded with Expert Earnings Protection!*

This test is active in select categories. We will roll this out to additional categories as possible. 

Giving you, and customers, more control

We hear you—impromptu requests for Premium Service phone calls can make it difficult to manage expectations and respond to customers effectively. Delivering the services customers want, when they want them, helps everyone have a better experience. So, we set out to understand how we can better gauge customer preferences in advance. 

We’re evaluating a process to allow customers to choose to communicate by chat or phone call upfront. That way, the customer does not associate the phone call request as coming from the Expert, and Experts are better equipped with the knowledge to help customers with the service they require, from the start. 


Get customer communication preferences earlier in the conversation

We're testing an experience in which customers will be presented with the option to request a phone call or a chat before being connected with an Expert when they start a new question.


When you see a new question in your question list, the question icon will indicate the customer’s selected communication method.

  • Because customers can decide they want a phone call right away, some questions will only include the initial chat bot conversation.
  • When accepting phone call requests from the ‘All questions’ list, you will gain access to the chat only after accepting the request, available as a resource to you
Experts will only receive payment for fulfilling the phone call, at the phone call payout value.
This option will be presented on a limited basis to a select subset of US customers in select categories during testing. 


You may start to see an increase in phone call requests in the Request Center. Accepting phone calls is also a great way to help customers get the services they ask for. Meanwhile, Expert Earnings Protection* safeguards your payments against customer refunds and you can receive boosts to your payout level for accepting Auto Premiums Service phone calls.*


During testing, limited categories will see this experience.


Need a refresher on conducting phone calls? View the Effective phone call introductions and closings video.


*Auto Premium Service phone call Earnings Protection applies to calls completed with the site-integrated call feature from September 1, 2022, forward. Fulfillment reports must be marked “yes” and verified to be considered for payment. 

Currently, boosts are available once you have answered your first 100 questions, within eligible categories.  

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