Tips to Spring Clean Your Expert Profile

By Anh Nguyen |

When was the last time you looked at your Expert profile pages? If it’s been awhile, you might want to take a peek because chances are thousands of customers are visiting your profile pages every day.

A large number of customers find JustAnswer through online search and as we continue to improve our search engine ranking with more optimized content, more customers will find JustAnswer from search results like these:


When customers click through the results, they can make their way to your profile pages (yes, you have more than one and we’ll get to that later) and ask their questions.


It’s important that you have profile pages that make a good first impression and showcase your expertise. If that sounds daunting, it’s not! Here are some tips to add spring to your Expert profile.

Know how to find your profile pages

You may have more than one profile page, also called "mini profile," depending on the categories you are admitted in. Each mini profile creates one public profile page that is searchable by customers. You can find and edit your mini profiles under My Account or by clicking here.


With individual profile pages, you have control over the information and qualifications you want to showcase for each admitted category.

Make a good first impression with a personal view name and photo

Customers like JustAnswer for both the convenience of getting on-demand Expert help and the personal connection that comes with speaking with a trusted Expert. When you talk to your local lawyer, doctor, mechanic, or vet, you would refer to them by their real names instead of CarMechanic62, and you would know what they look like.

To edit your view names, go back to the "Edit Mini Profiles" page, click "Edit" on the mini profile you want to edit, and enter a personal view name. Note: Your view names are NOT the same your Expert username. View names are public and should be your real name or something personal while Expert username are only visible to the Moderators and other Experts.


We understand that some in the Expert community prefer to keep their privacy. If this is you, we suggest that you still use a nickname or variation of first name, last name initials for your view name. For profile photo, we suggest a simple yet clear headshot taken in front of a white background. Click here to get more tips for your profile photo >>


Impress customers with your qualifications

When you complete your profiles pages with skill sets and qualifications that match each profile, you are helping to boost your credibility and build trust with customers. There are several areas on your profile pages that you should make sure is unique to the category.

Make sure your job title (red lines) and qualifications (blue line) are updated and relevant to each mini profile (red line). These can be updated in your mini profile settings. Your Most Advanced Degree and Major or Emphasis (green lines) can be updated in your Edit Profile page.

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Click here to learn more about how to complete your profile >>

Demonstrate your ability to consistently deliver great customer experiences

In addition to your picture perfect profile photo and impressive qualifications, customers will also be looking at your feedback from past customers. The ratings on your profile pages are social proofs to new customers that you have a demonstrated ability to consistently deliver great customer experiences. The better your ratings, the more likely customers will want to ask you questions. We have lots of tips on how to improve your customer rating on the Expert Help Center but we suggest that you start here with tips from top-rated Experts.

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Promote yourself

Customers can now favorite and share Experts on social networks (e.g. Facebook, Linkedin) but you can promote yourself too! Every profile page has a friendly URL that you can easily share with your own social networks, put on your personal/business website, or include it on your business cards. By sharing your profile pages, you are helping to build your own success on the site.

Bonus Tip: Make a habit out of keeping your profile pages current

How you present yourself and your qualifications should never be a one-time task. There are more obvious times when you should update your profile such as when you've had new professional accomplishments but other times when you should consider updating your profile include (1) improvements in your customer ratings and (2) changes in customer needs. By keeping your profile current, you are always showcasing the best of you.

Do you have your own tips to share? Comment in the section below.

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