What if my customer doesn't rate my answer

By Maria Castillo |

Sometimes a customer has received thorough, excellent, and polite answer from you, but they haven't come back to rate yet.  Here are a few things that are important to know:

1. You can check in with your customer!   Experts are welcome to do a check-in post on the question page to see how things are going for their customer. The idea is to show them you're going the extra mile to make sure things are going okay and also to re-engage them so they come back and rate. Here are the guidelines:  

  • The check-in post can only be done after 24 hours has passed without a rating or reply from a customer
  • It is used only to check in to see how things are going i.e., "Hi, just checking in to see how things are going. Do you need further assistance?"
  • It may not be used to buzz for a rating
  • It may only be done one time per question page
  • If two or more Experts have replied on the page, it can only be done if the other Experts have opted out

2. Send in a No-Click Rating request.  This is used when your customer has stated clearly on the page they're satisfied with your answer, but more than 72 hours (3 full days) has passed without a rating. We may be able to get that processed for you!  Click here for more information. 

3.  JustAnswer is always working to encourage customers to reply to or rate your answer.  The customer sees notifications on the site, via text message if they've signed up for it, and via email notifications every time you reply.  We also automatically send out reply and rating reminders 24 hours after the last reply on the page, again after 48 hours, 72 hours, one week, and periodically after that.  So we're always working on your behalf to make sure the customer comes back to rate.  

Important note:  Since JustAnswer is sending these email reminders, it's important that you not post to the page multiple times in a row. Every time you click the green "Send" button on their question page, the customer gets another email notification, and doing that multiple times in a row is flooding their inbox which could easily be considered spam. That's never a good experience for anyone.  We suggest you post one full and complete reply, then wait for your customer to reply or rate before posting again. The only exception would be if you post a greeting up front then reply back immediately with your Answer or request for information when they're expecting it, or if you post the check-in post as mentioned in item 1 above sometime after your last reply on the page to politely see how things are going.  





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