Duplicate Questions

By Maria Castillo |

Sometimes a customer will post the same question twice, or post a follow-up reply on a new page instead on the original page. These are referred to as "duplicate questions."

If you come across a duplicate question, and there's no Expert Reply on it yet:

  1. Click the red flag in the upper right corner of the question page
  2. Choose the Duplicate Question report.  
  3. Look at the bottom of the report, and find the link to the original question page.
  4. Copy the link
  5. Paste it into the first field in the report.
  6. Submit the report
  7. The page will automatically close and the customer will be redirected back to their original page to follow up with their Expert there.


If you come across a duplicate question, and there is an Expert Reply on it already:

This rarely happens, but if it should, in this case, the duplicate report will not be available and the question page will remain open. The Expert will corresponding with the customer on the duplicate page. We encourage you to submit a peer-review report to Expert Support via the Expert Help Center's Submit an Inquiry button so that Expert Support can discuss replying to duplicates with the Expert. If there is only a request for information on the duplicate page (no Answer yet), but there is an Answer on the original, we may be able to close the duplicate manually. So be sure to get that report submitted!


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