Week in Review - March 10, 2017

By Anh Nguyen |
Every Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements, contributions from the Expert community, highlight the week's outstanding Experts, and preview the week ahead.
Latest Updates
My Dashboard: We've updated how your average rating is displayed on My Dashboard by adding two decimal points. This change should give you a more accurate picture of your rating. Click here to visit My Dashboard >>
Peak Time Update: For categories where we currently have Peak Times, we have added a tooltip and a countdown timer to better explain and help you identify Peak Time questions. The payout values shown on the Request Center will now exclude the additional amount for Peak Time. Click here to learn more >>
Drive to 4.60
We're in the homestretch of our first quarter of the year and that means there are only a few weeks left to hit our community goal of delivering a 4.60 or better experience to customers. What does that experience look like? According to our customers, it includes a speedy response, good bedside manner, and thorough yet easy to understand answers. Many of you already do those things consistently every time you're on the site but in case you need a refresher, you can review best practices from some of our top Experts.

Between now and the end of the month, we will continue to recognize and reward Experts who demonstrate an ability to consistently deliver great customer experiences. Who knows, you may find an Amazon gift card or a special perk in your inbox.
Happy International Women's Day
International Women's Day was celebrated on March 8th and focuses on protecting, promoting, and celebrating women's rights. We want to honor and thank all of the wonderful women on the site for all you do. Happy International Women's Day from the amazing women at our San Francisco office to all of the amazing female Experts around the world!
This Week's Top Performers
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from ALL Customers
Expert Category Trending
1. LegalGems Law +7 (Last week: 8)
2. md20/20 Appliance -1 (Last week: 1)
3. rayanswers Law +12 (Last week: 15)
4. PaulmoJD Law -2 (Last week: 2)
5. Lorens35 Law -- (Last week: 5)
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from Members
Expert Category Trending
1. rayanswers Law +2 (Last week: 3)
2. PaulmoJD Law -1 (Last week: 1)
3. LegalGems Law +34 (Last week: 37)
4. peterpete190 Cars +4 (Last week: 8)
5. Ms_Daisy Appraisals +1 (Last week: 6)
Most Member Questions Responded To in 30 Minutes or Less
Expert Category Trending
1. PaulmoJD Law +1 (Last week: 2)
2. RichieMe Tech -1 (Last week: 1)
3. LegalGems Law +17 (Last week: 20)
4. rayanswers Law +5 (Last week: 9)
5. jhook1398 Cars +6 (Last week: 11)
Most Auto Phone Call Requests Fulfilled
Expert Category Trending
1. Joyce Stevens Law -- (Last week: 1)
2. MasterFixIt Tech -- (Last week: 2)
3. exptech2015 Cars +2 (Last week: 5)
4. md20/20 Appliance -- (Last week: 4)
5. dcraig1000 Cars +2 (Last week: 7)
Coming Up Next Week
New Premium Service offerings in Tax
Test: New payout structure for Auto Premium Services
More enhancements and announcements
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