Week in Review - November 10, 2017

By Anh Nguyen |
Every Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements, contributions from the Expert community, highlight the week's outstanding Experts, and preview the week ahead.
Let's get premium!

Say goodbye to premium service requests with payment errors and say hello to premium requests that are ready for you to fulfill!

One of the many insightful feedback we received from Experts about premium services is that some often come back with payment errors. These payment errors can occur for a variety of reasons and they can be a frustration when you are trying to go above and beyond to help customers via phone call or secure remote assistance. That's why we're excited to share that after much collaboration with the Expert community and multiple teams at JustAnswer, we've been able to significantly reduce the number of premium services requests with payment errors! And less payment errors means more requests that area ready for to be fulfilled, and of course, more $$$ for you to earn. Let's get premium!

Quick and Easy Tip: Turn around negative ratings

Negative ratings are given for many reasons and while most customers reserve negative ratings for when the reasons are valid, some are undeserved. Customers could have rated negative by accident. Or they are upset at the bad news received, even if the information is correct. And occasionally, customers are simply agitated and rate negatively out of spite. So what can you do turn around negative ratings?​

First, it's useful to know that customers have the ability to re-rate you. After the initial rating, you can continue the conversation and after a response, the customer can give you a different rating (if they choose to). The initial rating does not have to be the final rating.​ Second, we recommend that you have a prepared statement in response to a negative rating. Here is an example:​

"I am showing that you have given my answer a negative rating. Keep in mind, I can only give you truthful information as simply telling you only what you wish to hear but what may not necessarily be true would only hurt you. If you are upset at your situation but not by the quality of my answer, please consider rerating positively as I am only a messenger. If you simply want more information, feel free to reply and let me know - I am here to help you to your satisfaction. If you have other concerns, reply and let me know. I am here to make sure you are satisfied."​

A statement like this has helped me convert many negatives in the past and it is a valuable tool any Expert can use.

[UPDATE] Customer replies on the Request Center

After launching the new look to the Request Center, we received great constructive feedback from you and the most common theme amongst all of the feedback is visual callouts to let you know when a customer has responded to you.

Just like it has been, questions that require your attention (e.g. customer reply, premium service fulfillment, etc.) are always accessible in your Priority view and are moved to the top of the Request Center. In addition, thanks for your feedback, we've added more visual callouts!

First, the familiar colored sidebars to the left of each question will tell you whether a question requires your attention. Questions with orange sidebar are ones that you need to attend to while questions with green sidebar are questions you can pick up. There's also red-text next to the Reply link to let you know whether a customer is waiting for your response. Click here to get an overview of the Request Center >>

JustAmazing Experience

Please join us in congratulating this week's JustAmazing Experience recipient: Rarewares! A customer came to JustAnswer looking to have her garden stool appraised. Using Pearl's conversation, Rarewares saw that the customer needed help attaching files to the conversation so she immediately gave directions on how to do that. Rarewares went on to give the customer a clear answer and different options to sell the garden stool. At the end of the exchange, the customer had this to say about her experience:

"Rarewares gave me an immediate detail information on my antique garden stool and I was delighted to finally know the age and value. Great information and well worth the price."


Click here to view Rareware's conversation >>

JustAmazing Experience Program: Every day, Experts on JustAnswer work hard to consistently deliver the best experiences to customers who are looking for Expert help. Somewhere between a friendly greeting to a complete answer, Experts are doing some amazing things to show that they care. The JustAmazing Experience program is our way to show how grateful we are to those who are going above and beyond for customers. Each week, we will recognize and award one Expert who exemplifies the service excellence that we strive for with a $50 Amazon gift card.
This Week's Top Performers
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from Members
Expert Category Trending
1. PaulmoJD Law +1 (Last week: 2)
2. rayanswers Law -1 (Last week: 1)
3. rarewares Appraisal +16 (Last week: 19)
4. Ms_Daisy Appraisal +4 (Last week: 8)
5. barristerinky Law -1 (Last week: 4)
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from ALL Customers
Expert Category Trending
1. rarewares Appraisal +4 (Last week: 5)
2. PaulmoJD Law +2 (Last week: 4)
3. md20/20 Appliance +13 (Last week: 16)
4. DMWEsq Law +2 (Last week: 6)
5. barristerinky Law +6 (Last week: 11)
Most Member Questions Responded To in 30 Minutes or Less
Expert Category Trending
1. rayanswers Law -- (Last week: 1)
2. PaulmoJD Law -- (Last week: 2)
3. barristerinky Law +3 (Last week: 6)
4. p0llinate Tech +18 (Last week: 22)
5. Docmaddy Health +7 (Last week: 12)
Most Auto Premium Service Requests Fulfilled
Expert Category Trending
1. RichieMe Tech -- (Last week: 1)
2. Joycelaw Law +2 (Last week: 4)
3. DrOlivia-JD-MD Law +4 (Last week: 7)
4. centralappliance1 Appliance -2 (Last week: 2)
5. itstuff Tech -- (Last week: 5)
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