Feedback Buttons

By Anh Nguyen |

Provide real-time feedback on every single question.

You make this company great and you know our product and customers best. That's why we're excited to introduce Feedback Buttons, a new way for you to share your feedback on every single question. Located on the Request Center, the Feedback Buttons allow you to tell us why you might skip certain questions. Your feedback will help us get better questions in front of you. Feedback buttons are available for premium service requests as well.

In place of the Hide icon, you will see the following four icons:

Tough to resolve
Is this question not worth the time or effort? Dealing with an upset customer? Will you have to deliver bad news? Let us know.

Not my expertise
Maybe this is better suited for a different Expert or maybe you can't answer due to license issues. Let us know so we can deliver the right questions to you.

CS or site issue
Customer service is here to help you for questions about payments, "wrong company" or site issues.
Is this question in the wrong category? Feel free to mark this question and we'll take it from there.

Note: As you're using the feedback buttons, please feel free to send us any thoughts you may have.

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