Expert-Initiated Premium Service

By Maria Castillo |

When an Expert is corresponding with a customer on their question page and they determine that they’d like to offer the customer a service beyond the scope of the traditional written answer they’re already providing, they can initiate an upgrade offer by clicking the orange “Offer Premium Services” button on the question page’s reply box.

Some examples of Expert-Initiated Premium Services are:

  • Phone Calls
  • Remote Assistance
  • Skype video conferencing
  • X-ray review
  • Legal document review

The “Offer Premium Services” button isn’t there on the page; why?

The option isn’t always available, but when it is, you’ll see the button (usually after the second customer reply + 60 seconds), and you can then mention to your customer that you can provide them with a Premium Service and that you will be sending them an offer momentarily.  Then you click the “Offer Premium Services” button, fill out the form with the additional price you believe they should pay for the service you’re offering, the description, and then you send it to your customer.  From there, they can accept or decline your offer.

Are Premium Services available to all customers -- both Members and Pay-Per-Question customers?

Yes. All customers are eligible for a Premium Service, whether an Auto Premium Service (link) or an Expert-initiated Premium Service.

What are the benefits of Expert-Initiated Premium Services?

Expert-Initiated Premium Services have a few key benefits that we think you’ll really appreciate:

  • The ability to price additional services as you see fit
  • Fee is charged to the customer up front before you perform the service
  • Automatic 5-star rating and automatic payment for the original question as soon as the customer accepts your Premium Service offer.
  • Automatic payment for the Premium Service up front
  • Ability to create a new customized services that will become templates for future use
  • Exchange personal/private contact information with a customer through the Premium Services tool, supported by JustAnswer’s secure and confidential information field

When will I want to use Premium Services?

You’ve told us that you often find opportunities to take your conversation with a customer a step further, so whether you’re an appraiser who wants to use Skype video to see the object in question and have a face to face chat with the customer about it, a computer technician who can make a difference with secure remote assistance tools, a doctor who wants to review x-rays,  or any other type of Expert entirely, we think that you’ll want to use the Premium Services tool anytime you recognize that you can help a customer in a bigger or better way.

What type of Premium Services can I offer?

Each category has a list of pre-defined services available as suggestions in the Premium Services tool, but you will also have the opportunity to work with your customer to come up with a unique service of your own if you prefer.  Each new service you create will be stored in your personal catalog for future use. You can see the list of pre-defined services as a drop down when you’ve opened the Premium Services tool.  However, despite what is listed in the dropdown, please note that you are still responsible for abiding by all the laws, rules, regulations, and ethical standards pertaining to your profession.

How do I charge for the Premium Services, and how am I paid?

Remember, a customer has already stated up front before  their original question ever posts what price they’re willing to pay for a helpful answer.   So you want to be sure the Premium Service you’re offering is going to take them above and beyond what they’re already expecting, and also keep in mind that you’re going to be instantly credited with a 5-star rating and the value listed on the question page should they also accept your Premium Service offer. So be sure to take that  into consideration when coming up with the amount you want them to pay in addition for your Premium Service offer. The Premium Service is an additional service and an additional charge to them. 


What am I responsible for providing in the text of my offer, and when the customer accepts my offer? 

You are responsible for ensuring that you explain the depth of services you can and will provide and that you follow through on the complete interaction. If you are unable to complete the transaction, let the customer and Customer Care know right away.

What happens if my customer is dissatisfied with my premium service?

Like with any question answered on JustAnswer, the customer has the ability to request a full refund if s/he is unsatisfied.  We ask that you keep this in mind when offering premium services. Refunds will be processed just as they are with questions today.

What privacy considerations should I know about when using the Premium Services tool?

Once granted access to the Premium Services tool on JustAnswer, you’ll have the ability to exchange private information (phone number, Skype handle, etc.) with the customer in a Private Information box.  Please note that this is at your discretion and that of the customer. Private information will be exchanged securely via JustAnswer and is only visible to the expert, the customer, and administrators.

The private information field only appears after a customer has accepted the offer for Premium Services - for both customers and professionals.  

Many customers ask right on the Q&A page for a phone call with their Expert and sometimes they provide their phone number there in the Q&A too. Be sure not to call them. You only want to call them if they’ve accepted a Premium Service offer.  If they should post their private contact information in the Q&A thread instead of in the private information box, you can use the red flag on the upper right corner of the question page to send in a Personal Info report to Customer Service so they can remove it.

Once the Premium Service is provided, can the private information be used in the future? 

No. Just like each question page is intended for the customer's original question and any related follow ups, the Premium Service and any private information exchanged is limited to use on that particular question and resolution thereof. Any future questions are required to be posted as a new question page, and a new Premium Service offer may be made on that page.  

What legal considerations do I need to be aware of?

Please be aware that you are still responsible for abiding by all the laws, rules, regulations, and ethical standards pertaining to your profession.

Which remote support tools am I allowed to use? 

We advise that you use the built-in secure remote assistance tool. Doing so will enable us to log and track secure sessions for quality purpose and in case when there are payment disputes.


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