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What's an Auto Phone Call offer?

Auto Phone Calls are an amazing opportunity for Experts to not only earn more money, but to help provide customers with top-quality service and help insure they're getting quick, full, and complete answers.

Additionally, phone calls tend to deliver that WOW! factor,  which also helps make for satisfied customers! Satisfied customers tend to come back to their Experts with more questions in the future.  And really, who doesn't love a WOW! factor and repeat business!

JustAnswer gets this whole process initiated by offering customers the Auto Phone Call option! After your first response to a question, the customer will be shown the following offer on their screen.


If you need more information on how Auto Phone Calls work, you should find everything you need below.

The Basics

If you are the original Q&A Expert:

If you are NOT the original Q&A Expert:


How does it work if I'm the Expert helping the customer on their question page at the time they make an Auto Phone Call request? 

If you are the Expert who is corresponding with the customer in writing on their question page at the time they request the Auto Phone Call and you accept and fulfill the call, you will get:

  • An automatic 5-star rating on whatever written correspondence you've had so far
  • Payout for the 5-star rating
  • Payout for the Auto Phone Call once you've called and complete the Fulfillment Report 

How does it work if I'm NOT the Expert helping the customer on their question page? 

This is an awesome opportunity for you!  If you're not the Expert helping the customer on their question page at the time they request the Auto Phone Call, you may still have an opportunity to be the one who calls them!  

If that opportunity comes available, you'll see the Auto Phone Call request pop up on your Request Center or via an email notification. That indicates to you that the Expert corresponding with the customer in writing on the question page didn't accept the Auto Phone Call request and and it's opened up to all Experts. 

From the Request Center or the email notification, you simply click the link to review the question page details so you understand what the customer is asking and what’s been discussed so far, and if you feel you can help the customer with a phone call, you accept the Auto Phone Call request, give them a call, and you will get: 

 Payout for the Auto Phone Call once you've called and complete the Fulfillment Report 

Note: Keep in mind, the Expert corresponding with the customer in writing on the question page at the time the offer was made will still get the positive rating there, and they will continue to follow up with the customer in writing should they have any more written follow-up questions they need help with. It's a win-win all around!

Community Reminder

As more Experts are fulfilling phone call requests, we want to pass along a reminder that Q&A and phone call are two completely separate services.

What does that mean? When a customer makes a phone call request, the Expert already corresponding with the customer in Q&A may pick up the phone call request as well, in which case they will then receive earnings for both services. If you pick up a phone call request from an email or the Request Center, please consider it as a separate request from the Q&A, and do not engage with the customer via Q&A as the original Expert may still be corresponding with the customer.

What options do I have to make calls?

JustAnswer's integrated phone call feature allows you to fulfill phone calls requests directly through the site! It's simple!  

After accepting an Auto Phone Call request, if you are the Q&A Expert, you will see a "Call" button on the question page. Click on that button, enter in your phone number, and initiate the call.  If you are fulfilling an Auto Phone Call request from an email or the Request Center, you will be asked to enter your phone number after accepting the request. Click here to learn more about how you can initiate phone calls through the site.

When do customers see the Auto Phone Call offer?

After the customer's question has posted and they've started a written correspondence with an Expert, the customer will automatically get a notification on their end making the Auto Phone Call offer. 

What happens if the customer declines the auto offer?

If the customer declines the auto offer by clicking on the X, the question simply continues in the written correspondence on their question page.

How do I know when a customer has made an Auto Phone Call request?

If you are the Expert corresponding in writing on the customer's question page, and you have the question open, you will see a modal of the Auto Phone Call request on your screen.  It will also be listed on your Request Center's Priority inbox with a prefix "[Your Phone Call Request]": 

Do I have to fulfill Auto Phone Call requests?

Customers and Experts alike are seeing a huge benefit to phone calls, so we're confident you'll find them super helpful and beneficial once you give them a try!  But if for some reason you feel you're unable to fulfill a phone call request at anytime, you just click on "No Thanks" in the request notification and the customer will be notified.  

The Auto Phone Call request will then open up to all available Experts, and as long as the request stays open ( no one else has accepted the Auto Phone Call request yet),  the request will still be visible as an in-line message in case you change your mind. Once someone else accepts the request, however, the in-line message will disappear.  


Do I lose the question if I can't fulfill the Auto Phone Call request?

No. If you are unable to fulfill the Auto Phone Call request, it will be made available to other Experts in the same category, and someone else can fulfill it. You can continue to help the customer through written correspondence on the Q&A page as you were before.

What happens if I decline the Auto Phone Call request?

If you click on "No Thanks" in the request notification or do not reply within 5 minutes of receiving the request, the Auto Phone Call request will open up to other Experts in the same category. If another Expert fulfills the Auto Phone Call request, and you are the Expert who was corresponding with the customer when they requested the phone call, you are given an automatic 5-star rating and payout on the original question. However, you will NOT be paid for the phone call.

If I can't fulfill an Auto Phone Call request, should I tell my customer?

We notify the customer on your behalf if you're unable to fulfill their Auto Phone Call request. However, keep in mind that another Expert may then fulfill the request. If you're unable to fulfill the request, just click on "no, thanks" and continue to work with the customer in the Q&A. Do not mention the phone call unless the customer posts something about it. In that case, you can then let them know you cannot make the call, but another Expert might accept it, and you'll continue with them in Q&A. If the customer has further questions about the call, remember it is now a separate service, and feel free to let them know that Customer Service can assist them if they still need help with it. 

How do I fulfill an Auto Phone Call request that was declined by another Expert?

Unfulfilled Auto Phone Call requests are available to Experts in the same category on a first-come, first served basis. There are two ways to find available Auto Phone Call requests:

1. You can find available Auto Phone Call requests in your category in the Request Center. Each Auto Phone Call request has the "[Phone Call Requested]" tag prefixed to the request subject line. To fulfill, click on "See more" to open the request.

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2. If you received an email about an available Auto Phone Call request, follow the steps below to accept:

a. Click on the "View request now" button from the email.

b. On the landing page, you can see the amount you will earn and a link to review the conversation between the first Expert and customer.

c. If you'd like to fulfill the request, click on the "Accept this request" button.

d. The customer's phone number will display and all that's left to do is fulfill the Auto Phone Call request.

If I fulfill an Auto Phone Call request from the Request Center or an email notification, what do I get paid for?

You will be paid for only the Auto Phone Call, not for the original question page. The amount that you will earn is displayed in the Auto Phone Call request landing page.  The Expert who was corresponding in writing with the customer at the time the Auto Phone Call was requested will receive an automatic 5-star rating for any written correspondence up to that point when you accept the phone call offer.  If the original Expert opted out after the customer requested the call, there will be no automatic rating on the question page; the customer will need to manually rate as normal. 

What if another Expert has already fulfilled the Auto Phone Call request?

Because open Auto Phone Call requests are on a first come, first-served basis, there is a chance that the request has already been fulfilled by another Expert by the time you get to it. If that's the case, you will see this landing page:

What happens if no one responds to the Auto Phone Call request?

If the Auto Phone Call request has not been responded to by any Expert after 24 hours, the request will expire and we will notify the customer. The standalone request in the Request Center will disappear as well. The original question is still available for the first Expert to continue the conversation in Q&A.

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