[UPDATE] Customer Replies on Request Center

By Anh Nguyen |

After launching the new look to the Request Center, we received great constructive feedback from you and the most common theme amongst all of the feedback is visual callouts to let you know when a customer has responded to you.

Just like it has been, questions that require your attention (e.g. customer reply, premium service fulfillment, etc.) are always accessible in your Priority view and are moved to the top of the Request Center. In addition, thanks for your feedback, we've added more visual callouts!

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First, the familiar colored sidebars to the left of each question will tell you whether a question requires your attention. Questions with orange sidebar are ones that you need to attend to while questions with green sidebar are questions you can pick up. There's also red-text next to the Reply link to let you know whether a customer is waiting for your response.

Thank you for your feedback and we will leverage it to continue to improve the Request Center.

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    ...excellent work. Responsiveness to experts is getting better and better!