Introducing a new look to the Request Center

By Anh Nguyen |

Today, we're excited to introduce a new look to the Request Center, a refresh to something you're already familiar with.

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We took some of the things you're used to from the Find Questions List and made a few improvements using feedback you've shared with us.

Questions are easier to read and organized

We've extended the width of the question box so even before clicking on a question, you can see more of what the customer is asking. When you click to expand a question, the conversation between the customer and Pearl is now easier to read.

Questions that are waiting for your reply will become Priority questions and are moved to the top of the Request Center. You can see which of your questions require your attention by the orange colored bar on the left-side and the status "Awaiting your reply."

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New views

We’ve cleaned up the side menu and organized questions and premium requests into their own views. Your main Inbox contains all questions and requests, including ones you've responded to. The Priority view continues to contain questions and requests that you've worked on and/or require your attention (e.g. customer has responded).

We've added a new PS requests view to let you jump straight into available Auto Premium Services requests.

Auto sorting of questions

Previously, questions were sorted for reasons that may not have been helpful for Experts. Now, all questions and requests are automatically sorted by question posted time from most recent to oldest.

All question activities in one place

When you click to expand a question, all of the question activities that you're used to are now located in the bottom left corner of the question. Activities include customer's username, recent activities, category, and posted time.

New icons

Icons that you're familiar with are now cleanly in a row at the top of the Request Center.

This icon allows you to filter questions by the categories and partner sites that you're admitted in.

This icon allows you to turn new question sound notification on or off.

This icon allows you to turn desktop notifications for new questions on or off.

This icon allows you to hide or unhide questions.

Want to learn more about the Request Center? Click here.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

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    This looks really good and is a definite improvement. Except, one thing is sort of bothering me... As you move your mouse over the list of questions, the one under the mouse changes size slightly and things "jiggle" around on screen to adjust for the size. It's distracting. :-(

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    I really like the new look. Congratulations to us

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    Just wondering what happened to the colour-coding on the side of each quesiton to distinguish those which are waiting for our reply (orange) from the ones which are open to everyone on the list (green). Rather important feature to miss I think....thanks