Week in Review - January 6, 2017

By Anh Nguyen |

Every Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements, contributions from the Expert community, highlight the week's outstanding Experts, and preview the week ahead.

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Home Heating Tips from HVAC Experts
As temperatures continue to drop across the country, it's important to be mindful of basic heating prep work and make sure your home heating system is well maintained. As part of the Experts Helping Experts program, we asked HVAC Experts to share some DIY heating tips that can save money and keep you safe and warm this winter.

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This Week's Top Performers
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from ALL Customers
Expert Category Trending
1. md20/20 Appliance +2 (Last week: 3)
2. PaulmoJD Legal -1 (Last week: 1)
3. rayanswers Legal +32 (Last week: 35)
4. Pet-doc Pets -- (Last week: 4)
5. nekovet Pets -3 (Last week: 2)
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from Members
Expert Category Trending
1. PaulmoJD Legal -- (Last week: 1)
2. rayanswers Legal +18 (Last week: 20)
3. lucy7368 Legal -- (Last week: --)
4. Docmaddy Health +6 (Last week: 10)
5. nekovet Pets +4 (Last week: 9)
Most Member Questions Responded To in 30 Minutes or Less
Expert Category Trending
1. PaulmoJD Legal +1 (Last week: 2)
2. jhook1398 Cars -1 (Last week: 1)
3. rayanswers Legal -- (Last week: --)
4. peterpete190 Cars +1 (Last week: 5)
5. LongTermTech Tech +4 (Last week: 9)
Most Auto Phone Call Requests Fulfilled
Expert Category Trending
1. Joyce Stevens Legal +1 (Last week: 2)
2. MasterFixIt Tech -1 (Last week: 1)
3. p0llinate Tech +2 (Last week: 5)
4. amedee Cars +11 (Last week: 15)
5. md20/20 Appliance -1 (Last week: 4)
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