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By Anh Nguyen |

Every day, Experts on JustAnswer deliver knowledge and professionalism to thousands of customers. From a simple “I’ll do my best to help” greeting to extended conversations, Experts spread their generous spirit and expertise from one customer to the next.

That spirit is not exclusive to JustAnswer. Many Experts regularly volunteer and give back to their local communities. During the Thankful for Experts campaign over the holidays, we challenged Experts to delight customers and rewarded those who reached ambitious customers' feedback milestones. Of the rewards that were available, Experts were most excited about a charity donation of their choice.

At the end of the campaign, we were thrilled to have donated to over 30 charitable organizations on Experts’ behalf. We are truly inspired by the Expert community and asked a few Experts to share why they chose their charities.

Pete (peterpete190)
Charity: AniMeals

I picked them because they are a local "No-Kill" cat adoption center where we adopted a cat from two years ago. They are a small facility that does a lot of good in our community but they often seem to struggle with having enough animal food, supplies, and veterinary care. My son did charity work for them for about 2 months and loved it. When I won the charity donations, I asked my family about whom to give it to and all of us agreed our local AniMeals was the best choice.

Doug (LawTalk)
Charity: Shriners Hospitals for Children

I chose the Shriners Hospitals as my choice for a couple of reasons. First, as a former Shriner and member of the AAHMES Shrine in Livermore CA, I came to learn how much good the Shriners’ orthopedic and burn centers around the country do for children who have suffered grave illness and injuries. Back in the 1980's, I visited the Shriners Hospital, which was then located in San Francisco, and saw first-hand the tremendous job that was being accomplished by the dedicated staff to help the children, and all at no charge to the parents or families of the children.

In the mid-80's, I happened to take on a new legal client--a young child who had suffered a catastrophic injury while diving into some water which rendered him a quadriplegic. His parents had little money and inadequate insurance to cover the long-term rehabilitation that this young man desperately needed. He was soon accepted as a patient at the San Francisco Shriners Hospital and I watched over several years as he progressed through his rehabilitation and became more independent.

There are thousands of excellent charitable organizations throughout the country and I have donated to many of them over my life. But for me, the Shriners Hospitals for Children will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Loren (Lorens35)
Charity: Wounded Warrior Project

I picked Wounded Warrior Project in honor of our own Lori Jones. She had mentioned to me once that she supported it and how important it was to her as she has family in the military.

Ray (rayanswers)
Charity: Dance Another World

I know the women that founded it and the organization does amazing things to teach dance and learning to young women. They are a needy organization and I know the funds will help the less fortunate children. Although they are a small charity, they really make great things happen.

Jenn (LegalGems)
Charity: Kalahari Peoples Fund

This organization is actually a school in Botswana that I found out about through a friend. Because teacher salaries are paid by the government, all of the donations go directly to the kids to buy books and food for the boys. So whenever I have some extra money I try to donate to them.

We want to thank the Experts above for sharing their reasons. Other charities selected by Experts include but not limited to:

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    My family supports Hearts for Adi on facebook, our friends lost their 2 week old daughter to a heart defect, hardest thing to see happen. Now they turned the negative into positive by helping other families cope that are in the childrens wing at the hospital.