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Is customer loyalty important? The answer might be obvious but when 100% of your interaction with customers is through digital means, it gets more difficult to answer. If you’re a small business owner or have your own practice, you know how important customer loyalty is, mostly because you know how difficult it is to earn that loyalty.

Previously, we shared the rating gap between JustAnswer Members and non-Members. On average, Members rate 0.36 point better than non-Members and give a 5-star about 67% of the time. Members are repeat customers so they know how to use the site, value the great service from Experts, and more likely to rate positively.


To help us better serve our most loyal customers, we recently conducted a qualitative survey with several hundred Members to learn more about who they are and what they value most about JustAnswer. Below are some takeaways from the survey that will help you learn more about Members and how you can build customer loyalty on JustAnswer.

Members are educated and at least 45 years of age


Of those surveyed, 60% of Members have an Associate degree or higher and 85% are 45 years of age or older. Many of these Members appreciate clear and concise answers, free of spelling and grammar issues. Tania, a Member from Evansville, IN, shared, "Dr. John, a Vet I recently connected with, was clear, concise and provided exactly the information I had been lacking from local area vets. Before his review, I was lost of what to expect or do. Emotional relief 10 fold."

Members like to stay active


While many are are retired or own their own business, they like to spend their time traveling, working on house projects, and spending time with their friends and family. The most popular hobbies include golf, fishing, and gardening.

Members like to be on-the-go and ones with iPhones have access to our Members-only app that allows them to quickly respond and rate your service.

Members use their memberships for different reasons and are more likely to stay on when offered a Premium Service


We asked Members to share how they use their memberships and most said they have their own business and therefore need to ask a lot of work-related questions, they ask for second opinions, and they use their memberships to ask questions for friends and family.

About 30% of Members use JustAnswer at least once a month. These same Members are more likely to retain their memberships when they also received a premium service when asking their first question. Al, a Member from Gainesville, VA, shared his phone call experience with an HVAC Expert, "Rick was very knowledgeable of HVAC and thermostat controls and wiring. The phone call was worth it. It was easier to explain how the control board was wired by the original contractor."

Ready to provide more value to Members? Click here to learn about Premium Services >>

Members value Expert quality and speed of service


When asked why they like JustAnswer, 40% of active Members like the flexibility to ask questions anytime and the comfort of having on-demand Expert help. We also asked Members to rank what they value most about the service and quality of answers, speed of service, and value for the price are the top three, respectively.

We wanted to know whether we are meeting Member expectations for speed and quality. Of those surveyed, 25% said the speed of response and quality of Expert answers exceeded their expectations, while another 25% said it matched their expectations. James, a Member from San Antonio, TX, recalled his experience with a Vet Expert, "Dr. Kara was knowledgeable and was beyond my expectations. Not having a live person had me very skeptical, but Dr. Kara was spot on in diagnoses. She was also extremely compassionate. Thanks!"

This shows that we still have a lot of room for improvements to not only meet but exceed Member expectations. Click here to learn more about Member speed expectations >>

Members like to favorite their favorite Experts

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Last week, we asked you to tell us which features you want most (vote here if you haven't). We asked Members the same question and they overwhelmingly asked for the ability to favorite their Experts and view Expert profiles. We recently added favorites for Members and since then, they've favorited Experts over 10K times. We also plan to add a new look and feel to your profiles. In the meantime, we recommend that you visit your profile page now and update your photo and experiences.

Take advantage of Peak Time

Our goal at JustAnswer is to provide customers with fast, quality Expert service at all hours of the day. When demand from customers is greater than available Experts, we want to encourage Experts to come online and help waiting customers. Peak Time varies by category but when it's enabled in your category, you will see questions with purple payout values on the Request Center. Peak Time questions are often Member questions and when you respond in 30 minutes or less, you'll earn an additional bonus.

Peak Time

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