Which features do you want most?

By Anh Nguyen |

The Expert Ops team strives to make your site experience as seamless as possible so you can do what you do best: help customers. Based on past Expert feedback, we've compiled a list of features and we need your help to prioritize the ones that will benefit you most. Below the survey, you can learn more about a few of the features.

Native mobile application

An improved mobile option for Experts that is downloadable to smartphones and will include push notifications to notify you of new questions and customer requests and responses. The native mobile app will have many of the same features and functionalities of the Expert Mobile (the current mobile web version of the site) and will work on all smartphones (Apple, Android, Microsoft).

Ability to filter questions on the Request Center by customer types: Pay-Per-Question and Members

On the Request Center, you will be able to filter questions based on customer types. For example, you can select to only see Pay-Per-Question questions or Member questions.

Ability to filter questions on the Request Center by request types: Q&A and Premium Services

On the Request Center, you will be able to filter questions based on request types. For example, you can select to only see Q&A or Premium Service requests.

Icons to indicate why you want to skip certain questions

Experts use the Hide link on the Request Center to hide questions for different reasons. These reasons range from questions being too complicated or ones not in the Expert's area of expertise to questions from customers who have site issues. To capture these reasons and help match you with the right questions, we will add skip icons to the Request Center so you can tell us why you avoid certain questions.

Show your core metrics (the ones on My Dashboard) on the Request Center

Add a summary view of your core customer satisfaction metrics to the Request Center. You can still go to My Dashboard to get a breakdown of your metrics.

This is only a mockup for demo purposes.

Easier way to submit NCRs from the My Requests page

Every month, Experts submit NCRs for questions where the customer stated that they were satisfy but did not rate. However, it can be messy for Experts to track potential NCR questions. We will add a link to the My Requests page so Experts can easier browse past questions and submit NCR requests with a click of a button.

Improved public Expert profiles

With customer favorites and more traffic finding JustAnswer through search engines, it's now more important than ever to have public Expert profiles that communicates trust and authority. You will be able to easily update your public profiles and share your JustAnswer Expert profile across your social networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc).

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    Relocate submit answer button should be #1, it is annoying clicking on new question popup when trying to submit a answer. #2 should be advertising more to get more customers. #3 should be bring back the expert lounge so we can openly discuss issues.

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    jaybird tech

    Should have a icon next to each unrated question (NCR) to make it easy to submit and track NCR's.
    Move active popup from covering the submit button.

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    How about an indication to the customer that the expert is currently typing a response?

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    Completely agree with djenn434. #1 should really be the relocating of the Send button, as it always gets in the way with the browser pop-ups for new questions, which is annoying. Locating the "Send" button to the left side of the text editor would do the trick already.

    #2 More advertising and hence more questions for the tech category would be most welcome. It´s good during the day, but during the US night hours, there are still too few questions. More advertising on non-US markets (Australia, UK, etc. etc.) would be a good idea for sure.

    #3 Also completely agree about the expert lounge!

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    I completely agree with #2! Facebook advertising is cheap and they advertise all over the place!

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    How about an indicator showing how many times a customer has received a refund after accepting an answer.