TEST: 15 and 30-Min Phone Call Options (ENDED)

By Anh Nguyen |

UPDATE 6/22: This test has ended.

Starting on Monday 6/19, we will start a test where customers will be given an Auto Phone Call offer with two options: 15-minute phone call or 30-minute phone call. The best part, you earn more when customers choose to have a longer conversation.

The offer is similar to the current Auto Phone Call offer but now customers will be able to choose at 15-minute phone call with you or a 30-minute call for slightly more. On your end, you will be able to see which option the customer took and we recommend that you keep the conversation to the length that the customer paid for. And similar to the current Auto Phone Call, you must fulfill the call and complete the Fulfillment Report within 36 hours after accepting the offer in order to get paid for the service.

We plan to run this test for about two weeks and will let you know once it ends. For any questions, please contact Expert Support.

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    Really appreciate the up front call-length determination when a customer is requesting. Most are respectful of time but some are not and it can be difficult to wrap dragging phone calls during difficult subject matter. Thanks, JA. Hope it works out!