Week in Review - June 9, 2017

By Anh Nguyen |
Every Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements, contributions from the Expert community, highlight the week's outstanding Experts, and preview the week ahead.
Latest Updates
Customer Feedback for Auto Premium Services: We are currently running a test to collect customer feedback for Auto Phone Call and Auto Secure Remote Assistance. This feedback will help us better understand premium service quality and prioritize improvements to improve the premium service experiences for Experts and customers.
Reminder about the Personal Info Provided Report: When a customer sends their private contact information on the Q&A thread instead of using the private contact info tool, please let us know by sending in a Personal Info Provided report. Click here to learn how >>
Introducing the New My Requests Page
Thanks to feedback from the Expert community, we're excited to unveil a new and improved version of the My Requests page that will give you more flexibility to manage your responded questions. Some highlights:
  • Go back to all questions you've responded to in the past 30 days
  • Filter questions by category
  • Filter for unrated questions
And we're not done yet. In the coming weeks, we'll continue to release a few additional features to My Requests that will help with your site experience. To learn more about My Requests, click here >>
JustAmazing Experience

Please join us in congratulating this week's JustAmazing Experience recipient: Ely (ratioscripta)! In a recent question with a customer who was dealing with a forgery issue, Ely gave clear and timely answers that were digestible for the customer. The customer noted, "I'm not so sure that my questions were that clear either, since I am not used to "legal jargon.' Thank you for your help." Ely's approach empowered the customer to help herself and in the end, she was able to get the result she was hoping for.

Wendy, our Legal Category Moderator added, "Ely is always going above and beyond. He patiently explains his answers until the customer understands and tries to stay away from legalese."

Congrats, Ely!

Click here to see Lorenz's interaction with the customer >>

JustAmazing Experience Program: Every day, Experts on JustAnswer work hard to consistently deliver the best experiences to customers who are looking for Expert help. Somewhere between a friendly greeting to a complete answer, Experts are doing some amazing things to show that they care. The JustAmazing Experience program is our way to show how grateful we are to those who are going above and beyond for customers. Each week, we will recognize and award one Expert who exemplifies the service excellence that we strive for with a gift package and $50 Amazon gift card.
This Week's Top Performers
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from Members
Expert Category Trending
1. PaulmoJD Law +2 (Last week: 3)
2. rayanswers Law -1 (Last week: 1)
3. DMWEsq Law +1 (Last week: 4)
4. Zoey_JD Law +5 (Last week: 9)
5. PhillipEsq Law +41 (Last week: 46)
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from ALL Customers
Expert Category Trending
1. PaulmoJD Law +6 (Last week: 7)
2. nekovet Pets -1 (Last week: 1)
3. md20/20 Appliance -- (Last week: 3)
4. Lorens35 Law +25 (Last week: 29)
5. rayanswers Law -3 (Last week: 2)
Most Member Questions Responded To in 30 Minutes or Less
Expert Category Trending
1. PaulmoJD Law +9 (Last week: 10)
2. RichieMe Tech +4 (Last week: 6)
3. DMWEsq Law +2 (Last week: 5)
4. LongTermTech Tech +16 (Last week: 20)
5. jhook1398 Cars -4 (Last week: 1)
Most Auto Phone Call Requests Fulfilled
Expert Category Trending
1. JoyceLaw Law -- (Last week: 1)
2. cloe0626 Cars -- (Last week: 2)
3. DrRoyC Pets +3 (Last week: 6)
4. p0llinate Tech +21 (Last week: 25)
5. Electrotech2017 Tech +35 (Last week: 40)
Coming Up Next Week
Tips for Summer Success
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