My Requests

By Anh Nguyen |

The My Requests page is your window to all questions you've responded to in the past 30 days. Here, you can see the status of your responded questions and take any needed actions.

You can get to the My Requests page from the Request Center.

On My Requests, you'll see a table of your responded questions in the past 30 days.

A summary of each column:

  • Question: This lists the first 60 characters of each question that you've responded to.
  • Customer: This lists the customer's username and you can also see the customer's question history. For example, a "(2/2)" tells you that this customer has asked 2 questions and given a positive rating on both.
  • Value: This lists how much you'll earn for the question when a positive rating is given.
  • Status: This tells you whether you or the customer is waiting for a response, premium service has been offered or accepted, and a rating has been given. From here, you can also offer customers premium services.
  • Most Recent: This gives you the timestamps of the most recent action taken by you or the customer.

If you want to filter the list of My Requests, you can do so by either selecting a specific category from the "Category" dropdown or the "Unrated questions" slider.

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    30 days??? How about 6 months!

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    Thank you, that's a positive change. Just a thought though, I think it would be useful to display more questions on each page rather than just the current 10. I have ended up navigating a lot between pages to try and find questions, which can take unnecessary time, if maybe there can be an option to choose how any questions are displayed on each page, like 10, 20, 50, 100 etc? Thanks

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    Anh Nguyen

    @ben.jones Thanks for your feedback. We plan to expand the number of questions shown per page to 100 very soon.

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    Anh Nguyen

    @Joecamel90 Thanks for your feedback. The farther back we go, the slower the page loads for everyone due to the number of records required to pull. If there are specific needs for you to go back to questions beyond 30 days, please share.