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What to do when a customer posts in a language other than English. And, Vyshyvanka Day in Ukraine!





Vyshyvanka Day 

Do you know about Vyshyvanka Day?  Since 2015, on every 3rd Thursday in May, Ukrainians wear traditional embroidered clothes to celebrate Ukrainian culture. We wanted to share some pictures of our Ukraine teams in their finery with you:


You can see more pictures, including one of JA's CEO Andy Kurtzig in his own vyshyvanka, here.


If you'd like to, you can also contribute to JustAnswer's Donation Match for Ukraine here.



JustAmazing Experience Winner
Helping customers the JA Way

 This week's JustAmazing Recipient is Mastertechuk (Kevin).

This week's customer gets to the heart of what makes JustAnswer great - the ability to ask questions of trusted Experts and receive specific, correct information that's not just a Google away. 

Our customer needed detailed information about his Ford Mondeo, and his Google-fu skills had let him down.  Kevin was able to respond quickly with accurate information, giving the customer exactly what he needed. So much so, the customer came back to ask another question a few days later - as well as a 5* review on Trustpilot:

Congratulations, Kevin!
Read the whole conversation here
JustAmazing Experience Programme: Every day, Experts on JustAnswer work hard to deliver great service to customers who are looking for Expert help. Every fortnight, we will publicly recognise and reward one Expert who exemplifies the service excellence that we aim to provide with a £30 bonus.

Have you gone above and beyond in the last weeks?  Has a customer been so incredibly pleased with 
your service that they’ve just HAD to tell you so?  Let us know and we’ll consider every  conversation for JustAmazing. 
How to deal with customers posting in a language other than English

We've noticed some confusion lately about what to do if a customer posts in a language that isn't English.  

There's no need to report these questions using the question reports. While is primarily an English-language site, we will always see customers for whom English is not their first language.  Recently we've seen posts in Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, German, French, Russian, and Spanish, among others. These questions can be posted in any category from Home Improvement to Law.  We want to help these customers too!  

Most often, moderators will see these posts, choose the correct category, and include an English translation next to the customer's original question, so Experts can see what the question is about and choose whether to take it. If you don't see this, you can run the post through an online translator yourself. (Try Deepl, Reverso, or Google Translate)

Once you have decided to pick up a question, you can try to proceed in English. If the customer posts in their own language, you can either reply as you usually would in English, or translate your posts to that language to better help the customer. 

These questions will be reviewed and paid out like any other question. There is no penalty for answering questions posted in a different language, or using language other than English in your own answers. 
Fulfillment: Most Questions Responded in 10 min
Law Appraisals Cars
Josh-2010 rarewares Exp-JoseSebas
ben.jones Ms_Daisy Mastertechuk
ReadyLaw jennem22 malc3557
SolicitorOSmith MarkJ0427 nabilc
touchwoodsden AppraisalExpert fordtwo1



Fulfillment: Most Questions Answered in 60 min 



Law Appraisals Cars
ARSHADH811 rarewares Exp-JoseSebas
JBSolicitor MarkJ0427 malc3557
SolicitorOSmith AppraisalExpert nabilc
Jim1079 Ms_Daisy Mastertechuk
ReadyLaw NoralenCurl R-Steve2019



Volume: Most Questions Answered 



Law Appraisals Cars
MarkJ0427 Exp-JoseSebas
SolicitorOSmith rarewares Mastertechuk
ben.jones AppraisalExpert malc3557
JBSolicitor marks699 nabilc
ReadyLaw GregoryH46 NissanTechUK01



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