Step 2: Review the JustAnswer Payment Model

The payment model on the JustAnswer site pays per question.

Answer as many questions as you like - anytime, anywhere.





Payment Model

How are Experts paid? Expert earnings include a base payment per question + bonus opportunities

Which questions are paid? Every question answered or attempted to answer.

When are earnings issued? Experts are paid out once a month, by the 4th business day.


Base payment per question

The base pay per question defines the payout value per question and is determined by your Expert Score.


Base Pay Tiers

Your tier is based on your performance. Every question you pick up is reviewed by an independent algorithm. It is calculated weekly and resets on Monday. 

  • Answer Rate = the percentage of questions you provide an answer to by ticking the “Completed” checkbox. The answer must be an actual substantive answer to count! 


You will be placed in one of five tiers each week which will determine the base payout. 

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Tin


Experts who have not responded to 100 questions yet will default to the middle base-pay tier.


Every question will be reviewed

Once a question is marked “Complete” or the question times out after 7 days, the question is submitted for review.

Every question will be reviewed (except for Premium Service questions) by an algorithm.  Clicking the Completed box will send the question to be reviewed.  If you forget to mark the box, the question will be sent for review only after it closes (7 days) which means you may see a delay in the question earnings appearing on your report. 

The algorithm uses an analysis that covers:

    • Responsiveness
    • Communication
    • Answer Rate
    • Professionalism
    • Engagement
    • Policy Adherence


Review dates

The base pay tiers reset every Monday. They are based on the previous Review Week, spanning 10 days prior (Friday) to 4 days prior (Thursday) to the Monday where your score resets. 


Where to find your weekly base pay tier

Your new weekly base pay tier will be sent via email or visible in the Request Centre. Experts who have less than 100 questions reviewed will see dashes but will default into the Silver base pay tier. New Experts will start in Silver tier.

How to increase your tier

  1. Increase your Answer Rate
    • Select questions you can answer.
    • Answer every question you pick up and check the box, "Completed" once you believe it's ready to be reviewed.
    • If the customer does not reply to your IR within 7 days, provide the best answer you can.
      • Example: "Without the information requested in my first/previous response, I can only give you a general answer, but I hope this helps." (provide a general answer and then mark the "Completed" checkbox).
  2. Improve your Quality component
    • Communicate to the customer politely, even if the customer does not reciprocate.
    • Seek clarification from the customer instead of assuming.
    • Show empathy:
      • Example: "I'm sorry to hear about .... I know that can be .... Hopefully, we can get this resolved quickly."
    • Let the customer know if it will be a few minutes before you can reply back.
  3. Pay attention to your grammar and make sure to add details to your answers so the customer understands their next steps.


How to access your earnings report

  1. From the Request Centre, click on your Expert username.
  2. Select "Reports".




Important points to remember

  1. You get paid for every question you answer.
  2. Focus on providing a full answer to every customer.
  3. Exceptional quality leads to higher tiers and bigger payouts.
  4. Expert Support can assist with any payment questions you have. Contact them here or you can email them at



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