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In our desire for continuous improvement and to always offer the best to our customers, we have arranged for an outside company to send anonymous people who have not previously visited to navigate right through our website and share their thoughts.

As Experts and JA staff, we are all used to navigating  We know our way round and don’t need help. However when it comes to improving our site this can be a real issue – our vision can be flawed, in that we may simply not see things that are actually huge issues.

This is why we have requested the services of an outside firm, to conduct a survey and find out what they think about us and our service. The results have been very interesting and we have received a dossier with all the information.  Many suggestions are things that we can only do internally, but some are directly within Expert control – which means change is in your hands.

Specifically, we are talking about Miniprofiles, which are visible to customers in the “Meet our Experts”, to the right of the homepage:


The feedback we have received regarding this section is:

  • I would love to know more about the experience and credentials of the Experts – I can’t see them.
  • Some of the Expert names don’t seem very professional.
  • Where are some miniprofiles blank? Are there no credentials to add?
  • Some of the photos are not professional, which makes me distrust them.

Taking all the responses together, it seems that people who visit us after a Google search, may review this information and end up not asking a question because they are not sure of the credibility, reliability and professionalism of Experts.

Trust is a value that can be lost in a split second. It is easy to lose it and very hard to regain it. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes: how would you feel when looking at miniprofiles?

To try to move miniprofiles forward, we have created a guide which can be used as a template to help all Experts get the same distribution of information in their miniprofiles. Following this is to your advantage, as it may remove a barrier to customers asking questions and therefore increase volume.

If your profile does not appear on the category home pages in which you are an Expert, simply contact us and we will ensure your image and miniprofiles appears on the Expert carousel.

We ask that you make the following changes:

1. Change your photo.  Make sure your photo is professional and shows your face.  

2. Change your username to something that reflects your professional designation – but please do not use all caps! Here are some examples:

  • Medicine: Dr. Smith, Dr. Joe Smith, Dr. Joanna Smith, Joanna Smith, PhD. Joanna Smith
  • Legal: Solicitor/Barrister/Lawyer Joanna Smith, LLB Joe Smith, LLB Joanna Smith, PhD. Joe Smith
  • Veterinary: Dr. Joe Smith, Dr Joanna Smith, RCVS Joanna Smith, Veterinary Surgeon Joanna Smith, Veterinarian Joe Smith, Vet Joe Smith
  • Electronics: Apple/Windows/Tablet/PC Technician Joanna Smith

(Please ask if you need a specific example for your own category.)

3. Name of your profession.  This should be clear – Computer Technician, Vet, Lawyer, Mechanic, etc.

4. Your title and the authority from whom you receive your credential.  For example:

  • Legal:  Law degree from University of XXX .  Expertise in XXXX with XXX years of experience.
  • Medicine:  Degree in Medicine from University of XXX.  Speciality in XXXX with XXX years of clinical experience in XXX Hospital.
  • Veterinary: Veterinary medicine degree from the University of XXXX. Specialising in treatment of small animals with XX years of experience. [Currently running/partner in own clinic.]
  • Computers : Computer Science degree from XXX or Certified Professional with XXXX.  Specialising in XXX with XX years of experience.
  • Electronics : Trained in XXX with over XXX years of experience helping to solve electronics issues.

How to change your miniprofiles

The miniprofile is the first thing customers see when deciding to ask a question on JustAnswer, so it is vital that care is taken to make them as complete and well-presented as possible.

To edit, go here:

You will see a list of miniprofiles, one for each category in which you are listed:


Click on the “Edit” link on the right-hand side.  This will take you to the configuration page for each particular miniprofile:


The paragraphs that the customer can see are your view name and title. Please complete these and then click on “Submit Profile” to save the changes.

Some examples of miniprofiles we really like:

We want these changes to be effective and above all hope that you will see the difference.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your miniprofiles and make sure you are giving the best possible picture of your professional self.

Note: please do ask us if you need help – we are happy to give it!

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