Mental Health – Tips for Premium Services Success!

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It’s our aim to continue to increase profits (for both us and Experts) using Premium Services.  To that end, we are always looking for ideas, proposals, recommendations, and advice to help us become more successful with that great service.

This time we have focused on Mental Health/Wellbeing, as we believe that is one subject where customers can benefit substantially from Premium Services, and we want your customers to accept these offers as soon as possible.

Our approach

The marketing team will draft JA messages which Experts can use as they maintain the conversation with the client.  We believe this can help clients into accepting the Premium Service offered.

Every subject is different.  We’ve started with Mental Health and Wellbeing:

In this category, the customer is usually in a specific psychological situation, and needs a series of follow-ups, guidelines, recommendations to help them.  These take time; ie, it is not a matter of one day.

With an individual question, and after sending the answer, we recommend offering a Premium Service to the customer using the following script, wherein we show our interest in helping the customer over a period of time.  Typically, a client who asks a Mental Health/Wellbeing question usually asks several follow-ups; it is difficult to overcome such a situation within one single question.

“Hey there,
I am XX, the psychology Expert who answered your question last week.  Typically, when these situations happen to us, they need several sessions to be really effective.  In many cases, although it may seem everything has been covered, things may not be stable or definite until the results of several sessions have been achieved.   We therefore recommend following up to hopefully prevent a recurrence of problems.  I would also like to know if you have more questions or difficulties with the proposed recommendations or would like recommendations for accessing further resources.  I am online right now to assist you if you wish.  We could have another session by Skype or phone if you would like more of a conversation; if you would like this, please accept the Premium Services offer I have sent.”

We believe this can be a good way to address a question that’s already been answered and has a positive rating, as the customer is then already satisfied with our service and comfortable with what we can do.

Try it and see what results you gain!

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