Introducing Integrated Phone Call Feature

By Anh Nguyen |

We are excited to roll out JustAnswer's Integrated Phone Call feature to the entire Expert community! This feature allows you to initiate phone calls with customers directly through the site.

The Integrated Phone Call feature is now available on the Active Request page. After accepting an Auto Phone Call request, you will see a simple Call button on the question page:


  • Make phone-to-phone calls within the UK through JustAnswer.
  • Hide your phone number from customers.
  • Help alleviate confidentiality and professional-client relationship concerns with recorded calls.
  • At the beginning of every call, the customer is reminded of JustAnswer's information-only disclaimer.
  • Only available with Auto Phone Call requests (customer-initiated phone call requests).
  • Available to all Experts.

If you haven't fulfilled phone call requests before, give the Integrated Phone Call feature a try - and earn more.

More info here.


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