Auto Secure Remote Assistance - FAQs

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The Basics

What if you are the original expert:

What if you are not the original expert:

Secure Remote Assistance and Auto Phone Call

What is Auto Secure Remote Assistance?

Auto Secure Remote Assistance is a feature that automatically prompts customers with an offer for a remote assistance session with the Experts they're working with.

For Experts, Auto Secure Remote Assistance is a useful feature that eliminates the “ask,” provides the flexibility to fulfill remote assistance on your terms, offer more value and earn more money.

Is Auto Secure Remote Assistance available in all categories?

No, the auto offer is only enabled for questions in the following categories:

  • Networking
  • Mac
  • Laptop
  • Programming
  • Computer Hardware
  • Software
  • Email
  • Microsoft Office
  • Computer
  • Printer

Customers with questions in categories NOT listed above will continue to get the Auto Phone Call Offer instead.

What are the benefits of Auto Secure Remote Assistance?

By helping customers with their original questions AND fulfilling the secure remote assistance requests, you will get an automatic 5-star rating, payout on the original question and payout on the premium service.

An automatic 5-star rating
Payout on the original question
Payout on the premium service

Keep in mind that the secure remote assistance request and the question page are completely separate services that the customer may choose to pay for. The Expert currently corresponding with the customer in writing on the question page may pick up the secure remote assistance request as well, in which case they will then receive earnings for both services.

How much could I earn for fulfilling Auto Secure Remote Assistance requests?

Using past data, we've calculated the price that has the best likely accept rate with customers. The amount you'd earn for fulfilling a secure remote assistance request is included in the request notification. At this moment, you do not have the option to counter the offer with a different amount or set your own amount for the Auto Secure Remote Assistance.

How do I fulfill an Auto Secure Remote Assistance request?

When a customer requests a secure remote assistance service, you will see the following notification:

After accepting the request, you can fulfill it by using JustAnswer's ScreenConnect tool. To do so, follow these steps to create a remote session.

When do customers see the auto offer?

After your second response and you haven’t offered any premium service yet, the customer will automatically get a notification with the secure remote assistance offer. It takes roughly 30 seconds after your second response for the notification to appear.

After accepting the offer, the customer will be asked to enter a phone number in case you need to call the customer during the secure remote session. You are not required to call the customer, but if you do, please correspond and let the customer know beforehand.

What happens if the customer declines the auto offer?

If the customer rejects the auto offer by click on the X, the question continues in Q&A.

What happens if I get a payment fail error?

There are several reasons why you may get a payment fail error when trying to accept an Auto Phone Call request. The customer may have entered incorrect payment information or the customer's bank may have blocked the transaction. Regardless of the reason, we will notify the customer on your behalf and give them the option to update their payment information. In the meantime, the request is removed from the Request Center.

Once the customer has updated their payment information, the request will then be added back to the Request Center and made available for all Experts in the question's category.

Do I have to fulfill secure remote assistance requests?

Absolutely not. If you're unable to fulfill a secure remote assistance request for any reason, just click on "No Thanks" in the request notification and the customer will be notified. The request will still be visible as an in-line message in case you change your mind.


Do I lose the question if I can't fulfill the secure remote assistance request?

No. If you are unable to fulfill the secure remote assistance request, it will be made available to other Experts in the same category. You can still continue to help the customer through Q&A.

What happens if I decline the secure remote assistance request?

If you click on "No Thanks" in the request notification or do not reply within 5 minutes of receiving the request, the secure remote assistance request will open up to other Experts in the same category. If another Expert fulfills the request, you are given an automatic 5-star rating and payout on the original question. However, you will NOT be paid for the secure remote assistance.

If I can't fulfill a secure remote assistance request, should I tell my customer?

We notify the customer on your behalf if you're unable to fulfill a secure remote assistance request. However, keep in mind that another Expert may fulfill the request. If you're unable to fulfill the request, it's good practice to let the customer know that another Expert may fulfill the secure remote assistance request. You should continue to correspond with the customer in Q&A unless the customer is not able to because the Expert who is fulfilling the request is in control of the customer's computer.

How do I fulfill a secure remote assistance request that was declined by another Expert?

Unfulfilled secure remote assistance requests are available to Experts in the same category on a first-come, first served basis. There are two ways to find available secure remote assistance requests:

1. You can find available secure remote assistance requests in your category in the Request Center. Each secure remote assistance request has the tag "[Secure Remote Assistance Requested]" tag prefixed to the request subject line. To fulfill, click on "See more" to open the request.

2. If you received an email about an available secure remote assistance request, follow the steps below to accept:

a. Click on the "View request now" button from the email.

b. On the landing page, you can see the amount you will earn and a link to review the conversation between the first Expert and customer.

c. If you'd like to fulfill the request, click on the "Accept this request" button.

d. Go back to the Request Center and initiate a new secure remote assistance session. The customer's phone number will display in case you would like to call the customer during the remote session.

If I fulfill a secure remote assistance request from the Request Center or an email notification, what do I get paid for?

You will be paid for only the secure remote assistance, NOT for the original question. The first Expert will be paid for the original question value. The amount that you will earn is displayed in the request landing page.

What if another Expert has already fulfilled the secure remote assistance request?

Because open secure remote assistance requests are on a first-come, first-served basis, there is a chance that the request has already been fulfilled by another Expert by the time you get to it. If that's the case, you will see this landing page:


What happens if no one respond to the secure remote assistance request?

If the secure remote assistance request has not been responded to by any Expert after 24 hours, the request will expire and we will notify the customer. The standalone request in the Request Center will disappear as well. The original question is still available for the first Expert to continue the conversation in Q&A.

Why are customers asked to enter their phone numbers?

When we talked to Computer Experts, many told us that they often do secure remote assistance and phone calls at the same time to better help customers. We ask for customers' phone numbers for that very reason. You have the option to call customers if you'd like to, but you are not required to do so.

Do I have to call the customer?

No, you are not required to call customers when fulfilling secure remote assistance. However, it is an option that better assist customers during the remote sessions.

Can I initiate calls using the built-in phone feature?

Unfortunately, the built-in phone call feature will NOT be available for Auto Secure Remote Assistance. If you'd like to call the customer after accepting an Auto Secure Remote Assistance request, you will have to call using your own phone. The built-in phone call feature will still be available for Auto Phone Call requests.

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