How to ask questions as an Expert?

Many Experts discovered JustAnswer as customers who got value from the service they received and wanted to leverage their expertise to help others. From time to time, Experts have questions themselves that they'd like to ask other Experts on JustAnswer. Below are from FAQs we get from Experts about how to ask questions.

Can I use my Expert account to ask questions?

Currently, the option to use your Expert account to ask questions as a customer is not available. In order to ask questions on JustAnswer, you must create a separate customer account.

Can I use my Expert earnings to pay for the questions I ask?

Because you must create a separate customer account to ask questions, it is not possible to transfer and use your Expert earnings to your customer account to pay for questions.

Will this option be available in the future?

Once this option is available for Experts, we will let you know.

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