What is Experts Helping Experts?

By Anh Nguyen |

Experts Helping Experts is a program where Experts teach fellow Experts new skills, share expertise, discuss hot topics and get to know one another. Webinars and articles from this program are created by Experts, for Experts. Topics range from Expert best practices to specific expertise. To contribute or share your skills, send an email to

We’re looking for Experts to share their thoughts on the following topics (and more):

  • Tips on offering premium services: when is the right time to offer a premium service; how to ask; how to deliver; premium service mistakes to avoid
  • Law and Family Law
  • Taxes
  • Pet care topics
  • Home improvement tips

Go ahead and write to us about the field in which you are an Expert.  Articles will be posted on the customer blog, and all customer questions sent via this article will be directed to the blog author's Expert profile.

Every week, we send an email to our customers talking about a particular topic - and we always add a link to a related blog article. For example, if the theme of the week is diabetes, we send an email to our customers talking about diabetes; and we also send a link to the blog where we talk about diabetes in more detail.  Again, when questions are asked via the blog, we send them directly to the blog author/contributor.

We will list the issues we discuss each week on the calendar on the Expert Help Centre homepage, so if you would like to contribute, please take a look there to see what's coming up.

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