How To Deal With Rude Customers?

By Anh Nguyen |

If you've been an Expert on JustAnswer for awhile, chances are, you've had a few encounters with customers who are either rude, angry, or unbalanced. Customers get rude or angry for a variety of reasons—some justified, some not. And although we are in the business to help people, we also have the right to be treated with respect. I have dealt with many types of people during my time on the site. I can confidently say that most customers are genuinely good people. For the few who are rude, here is what I'd recommend.

Stay calm. It is important to keep calm even if a customer attempts to take potshots at you, which may happen. Customers - especially customers who received bad news or news they were not looking for - can become snarky. An Expert should never respond in a similar manner. It will only escalate hostilities.

To stay or opt out. Experts who run into rude customers have a discretionary choice to make - to stay and engage or to opt out. If a customer becomes aggressive and you feel that you can no longer help, you should opt out. If you do opt out, it's good manners to let the customer know that you're unable to help any further and will opt out so another Expert could assist.

Suicidal customers. While Experts are generally good at reading customer cues, it's difficult to know if you're dealing with a suicidal customer. If you sense that a customer may be suicidal, immediately alert the site via the red flag icon on the top right corner of PQA.

Don't buzz. If you've received a negative rating, you should always try to turn it around. However, I see too many Experts get into arguments with customers over negative ratings. Arguing with customers or buzzing them is a futile attempt to convince them to rate positively. It is simply unprofessional and also against site policy.

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