How to turn around negative ratings?




  • DrAshori

    So far, every time I've received a negative rating, the conversation is immediately blocked from further posting. I'm assuming the patient closes the interaction and so there isn't a way for me to provide any follow up or try to do a service recovery.

    It makes sense for patients to have the ability to give us negative rating, after all, they are the ones who are paying. However, as professionals we have some time invested in the conversations as well. So not being able to figure out what it was that urged the patient to withhold those delicious stars can make it less desirable to go after those tougher questions.

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  • Anh Nguyen

    Hi Dr. Mo, the question may be closed for a variety of reasons including customer refund, by the mods, or the question has expired. In most cases, the questions should remain open for you to post so you can continue to help the customers.

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