Request Centre Overview

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The Request Centre is where Experts go to find and fulfill available requests such as Q&A and Premium Services. (It replaces all old Question Lists.)  You can go to the Request Centre by going to

Below, you will find descriptions and examples of every major component of the Request Center.

Navigation Panel

The left-hand navigation panel is similar to that of your favorite email client. When you open the Request Center, the default view will be Inbox. The different views available on the navigation panel:

1)  Inbox: displays Priority, new and available requests.
2)  Priority: displays requests currently locked by you, waiting for your response or customer request.
3)  New & available: displays requests not locked by you or any Expert.
4)  Sent: displays requests you're awaiting customer response.
5)  Peer conversations: displays requests other Experts have replied to, do peer reviews and post your own answers (when appropriate).

You can hide the sidebar by clicking on the  icon.

Request & Category

This column shows a list of requests in your category(ies). Each row contains the request preview, category, time since the request was posted, and reply link to respond to the request. The requests are color-coded with orange being a Priority question and green being a New & Available request. Standalone Premium Service requests, such as phone calls, are prefixed with the appropriate tag.

When you click on the request text, the row will expand to show the full request text.


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If you see a Q&A you'd like to respond to, click on the "Reply" link. If you see a Premium Service request, click on the "See more" link. Doing so will open and lock the request on the Active Request page.

If you click on the "Request & category" column header, you can sort by Category (alphabetical) and Age (newest/oldest).

JustAnswer has two types of customers: Members and pay-per-question customers. Members are subscribed on monthly plans and are more likely to rate positively because they know how to use the site. Member questions can be spotted on the Request Center with red payout values.



This column shows the customer username for each request. Every customer's username is hyperlinked to the customer's profile. You are also able to see whether the customer is online/offline, a member, and how long ago the customer viewed the request (if available).


Latest Activity

This column shows the most recent activities for each request. Activities include actions performed by Administrator such as re-categorise or adjust payout and Experts such as opt-outs. This column also shows time since the request was posted and the number of replies from Expert(s).

You can also sort the Latest Activity column by newest or oldest requests.


This column shows the payout amount for each request, who the request is intended for, and gives you the ability to hide/unhide individual request.

If you've hidden some requests, you will see a link above this column labelled "Show hidden questions" to unhide the hidden requests.

Customers have the option to request specific Experts to answer their requests. When you see "Originally for X" under the payout amount in your list, it means the customer may have originally requested an Expert but the request lock has expired and the request is now open for any Expert to reply.

In the "Peer conversations" view, you will see the name of the Expert that each request is currently in progress with.

You can sort the Payout column by highest or lowest amount.

Show Filters, Show Notifications and Sound Alert

If you click on the "Show Filters" button at the top of the Request Centre, you will see a list of categories and partner sites that you are active in. By default, all active categories and partner sites are shown when you load the Request Centre.  You can click to the individual category or partner site to hide requests or re-click on them to make those questions visible again:


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The Show Notifications feature will notify you of new questions via an in-app modal. You can learn more about Show Notifications on our page here [needs link]

The Sound Alert will play a sound whenever there's a new question available in your category(ies). You can turn the sound alert on or off.

Top Menu

The top menu of the Request Center contains helpful links and access to your account information. Below is a highlight of what you can find on the top menu:

  • Secure Remote Assistance: Mainly for Experts in the Computer categories, the Secure Remote Assistance feature allows Experts to access customers' computers to troubleshoot computer-related issues. You can learn more here.
  • Expert Help Center: The Expert Help Center (EHC) is a self-help hub for Experts to get more information about how to use JusetAnswer, news and announcements, and get help from the Expert Operations team.
  • Your Name: When you hover over your name, you will see a drop-down menu with access to some of your account information:
    • My Requests
    • Private Messages
    • Reports
    • Account
    • Sign Out
  • Flag: For international Experts and those admitted in multiple partner sites, You can switch between partner sites from here.

If you have questions about the Request Center or need technical support, contact Expert Support.


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