Steps to Offer a Premium Service to Customers

By Christine |

Primarily, Premium Services are services that Experts are able to fulfill IN ADDITION to answering the customer's question. There are a few exceptions to this rule, for example, upgrading the current question by offering to fulfill it via a phone call.

Here's a list of the most popular Premium Service offers:

    - Secure Remote Assistance
    - Follow-up phone call(s) depending on situation and need
    - Ability to use confidential email, chat, Skype and/or phone call
    - Providing letter templates
    - Document preparation
    - Website design and programming
    - In-depth research and reports
    - Providing additional diagrams, manuals


1. Lock the question as usual.

2. Get a full scope of the question and situation: send Answers and IRs to the customer to ask for more information and get details about the issue so you can provide solutions.

3. Answer the question completely to the satisfaction of the customer, including manuals, diagrams, etc that are necessary to provide a full answer.

4. Confirm the question is answered: as part of the last Answer, the Expert may confirm with the customer whether they agree that the question was answered well and completely and remind the customer to rate the Answer.

5. Offer a Premium Service: along with posting your last Answer to the customer, let the customer know that you will be sending them an “OPTIONAL” Premium Service offer and that they can accept it or decline it.

When you are ready, press on the "Offer Premium Services" button.

Provide details: once you press the orange "Offer Premium Service" button, a pop-up should appear. Fill in the details of your offer, explain exactly what the customer will receive and the cost, and press the "Submit Offer" button:


The customer will receive an email notifying them that they have received a message from you. When the customer accepts the Premium Service, the Expert will be notified by email and in the Request Centre.

If the customer isn't interested in the offer currently, the offer will remain on the customer’s question list. Customers have the option to hold onto the Premium Service offer and accept it at a later date.

Please send any questions to, or click “Submit a Request” above.  You can also contact your cat mod for help.

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