Secure Remote Assistance

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Secure Remote Assistance allows Tech Experts to deliver more value to customers. For years, Experts have been using JustAnswer's ScreenConnect as a remote access tool to help fix difficult tech issues. Below is a guide on how to use ScreenConnect.

Note: all Experts are required to review the Secure Remote Assistance Policy before initiating remote sessions with a customer.


  1. Initiate Secure Remote Assistance

Secure Remote Assistance is a premium service that you can offer to customers. During your Q&A session with a customer, you can offer secure remote assistance by clicking on the "Offer Premium Service" button in the Request Centre. Select any of the available remote services and submit your offer.

Note that remote Premium Services are only available in Tech/Computer categories.  


  1.  Find Secure Remote Assistance

Once the customer accepts your offer, you can initiate a secure remote session. Near the top of the page in Request Centre, you'll find the "Secure Remote Assistance" link. Clicking on this link will open up in a new tab.


  1. Start a Secure Remote Session

You're now in the Remote Assistance Controls page. To start a new session, click on the "Create A Session" button.


A new session should be added to the list of My Sessions. Click on the "Start Session" button and you'll be asked to download the ScreenConnect desktop client. Once downloaded, follow the prompts to run ScreenConnect.


  1.  Share session with customer.

Copy the URL from the ".NET Client URL (Recommended)" link and send it to your customer on the Active Request page. If your customer has issues loading the secure remote assistance session from this URL, send the URL from the "Java Client URL" link instead.




  1.  Ready to go

Once both you and your customer are connected, you should be able to begin your secure remote assistance session. Once you've completed your task, click on the "End Session" button.

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