No-Click Ratings (NCR) Policy for Experts Requesting Payment

By Lori Jones |

The customer thanked me but did not rate. Can I still be paid?

If a customer indicates satisfaction with your answer, but they forget to return to the site to give you a positive rating, you may be eligible to receive payment for the answer. This is commonly referred to as a “no-click “(NCR).

To submit an NCR request, use "Submit a Request" using the button on the top of the Expert Help Center pages or email Don’t forget to include a link to the Request Center page!

Guidelines for NCR Payment

  1. It has to have been 72 hours since the customer’s last post on the page.
  2. The customer must clearly state in a question thread or email to that they were satisfied with your answer and/or intended to give you a positive rating. Please submit supporting links/URLs with your NCR request.
  3. If there is an answer from more than one Expert on the question thread, the customer must clearly indicate which answer they want to pay for or which Expert they want to pay.

Exceptions and Restrictions

  1.  Payments gained under this policy will be paid under the usual ratings-related percentages. However, payments cannot exceed the dollar amount on deposit in the customer’s account.
  2. A "Thank you" from a customer is not enough to gain a positive rating – if a customer thank you, however, you may ask them to rate your answer.
  3. An Expert should submit an NCR request within 30 calendar days from the posting of the question. If the request is submitted after 30 calendar days, the request may be denied.
  4. NCR requests are generally processed within 72 hours, but may take up to one week.  Please do not submit duplicate requests.

Please send any questions to, or click “Submit a Request” above.  You can also contact your cat mod for help.


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