Expert Community Guidelines

JustAnswer’s Mission is to help people by providing the #1 online Q&A platform for people to access verified Experts quickly, conveniently and affordably. By doing so, we believe that we can improve the world.

To foster an online community of which we can all be proud, we focus our efforts on providing customers with access to quality answers and compassionate Experts. Here are details of the values we expect will shape the Expert Community’s interactions with customers and other Experts on JustAnswer.

As Experts:


1. We're Experts and professionals. We pay attention to the customers’ questions and only answer questions we are qualified to answer. When we do not have the expertise to provide a helpful answer, we opt out and allow another Expert to respond (or move the question to a more appropriate category). If a customer follows up with more details that lead a question out of our area of expertise, we opt out and allow another Expert to respond.

2. We're good communicators. We provide complete, concise, easy-to-understand responses to customers’ questions that let customers know we value them. We answer professionally and efficiently (using our choice of site tools such as spell check, the ability to customise signature lines, and the welcome greetings). If we need more information to answer the question or want the customer to know we are working on the answer, we select “Info Request” to send the customer an email notice of our response and possible request for more information; when we provide a full answer that is ready to be reviewed, we select “Completed” and the customer is sent an email notice of our answer.

3. We're fast. Since we are answering questions online in various ways and by phone, we understand that customers expect prompt responses. We aim to respond quickly to new questions and to customers’ follow-up questions. If another Expert has already provided an answer, but we feel the customer could benefit from our substantively different answer, we may use an “Assist” report to share information or suggestions about the answer with the Expert. To help customers get the quality, fast answers they are seeking, we feel free to respond to any unlocked questions on the Question List for which a customer is waiting for an Expert's answer.

4. We're original. We pride ourselves on providing customers with original and lawful content. We do not copy and paste into our responses another person’s or entity’s work (for example, from other sites or from other Experts on JustAnswer), unless we have permission from the copyright owner.


5. We’re thoughtful. We go the “extra mile” when possible to show customers that their questions matter by providing a concise, direct response to the originating question first. Our goal is not only to help people, but to leave each person we encounter with the feeling that his or her best decision that day was asking a question on JustAnswer.

6. We're helpful. We use Reports only constructively and as they are intended. We may use the customer reports in the drop-down menu on the question to help customers obtain the help they request. We may use the Expert reports in the drop-down menu on the Expert's reply to agree with the answer or to help other Experts with their answers and their adherence to these Expert Community Guidelines. We're open to peer reviews and improving our work, and do not try to circumvent the peer review system.

7. We're respectful. We are compassionate, polite and respectful toward other customers and Experts on JustAnswer. We understand that customers come from many different walks of life and have varying experiences and backgrounds, and they all deserve our respectful assistance.

We welcome new Experts, and try to help them develop on the site, knowing that we all benefit from good Experts and quality answers on JustAnswer. When we have disputes with other Experts, we resolve them maturely and through the official JustAnswer channels. We do not file false reports about other Experts, nor retaliate when a report is filed against us.


8. We’re professional. As Experts on JustAnswer, we keep our interactions with JustAnswer customers courteous and exclusive to the JustAnswer site. We do not share or ask for personal information to/from other Experts nor customers (except when done via the Premium Service feature). We do not solicit other Experts or customers of the site unless expressly approved by JustAnswer.



Please remember that your use of the site is governed by the Terms of Service and Expert Agreement, in addition to these Community Guidelines.


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