Premium Services - Private information and Solicitation Policy

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Private contact information policy

Depending on the nature of the premium service, the Expert and Customer may exchange private contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, but only through the Premium Services "private information" field.  Failing to use the private information field may expose private information to the public, as Q&A posts are publicly available.

Limited Exception to the Non-Solicitation Policy

Section 8 of the Expert Agreement prohibits Experts from negotiating payment with customers unless expressly allowed by JustAnswer. Premium Services is the only approved platform in which Experts may discuss pricing with customers, and only for the specific service(s) being offered. You may also discuss price over the Q&A before the offer is sent, but all descriptions of premium services provided, and payment for those premium services, must occur through the Premium Services program.


For the Premium Services model, the Expert proposes a set fee for a specific premium service that customers may choose to accept.  Once a customer accepts the offer, your answer on the original question is automatically given a 5-star rating, you are paid for that original question, and the customer is charged for (and you are paid for) the premium service before you actually provide the premium service. It is possible that the customer may request a refund of either the original question price or the premium services payment. If a refund is requested, the amounts will be automatically removed from the Expert's earnings account.

At any time, without notice, for any or no reason, and in its sole discretion, JustAnswer reserves the right to modify or discontinue any portion or all of the Service including the Premium Services tool.

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