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The first thing a customer sees is your profile - so it’s vital to create a great impression and showcase your qualifications, experience and personality.

Creating a complete profile includes editing your main profile as well as your mini profiles. You should allow thirty minutes to an hour for creating your profiles.

Main Profile

Your main profile references of all of your essential Expert information. It lists registration details, contact information, work experience, licences and education, personal information, and your Expert photograph.

To edit your main profile, please access your Expert profile page.

In your main profile, make sure you enter the following information:


Registration Details


The name you use to sign in. If you would like to change your username. please submit a request in this Expert Help Centre.

Public Profile Name

Please use your real name because this is how customers will know you. Favoured examples include "Doctor Norman Smitt," "Michelle Cheng," and "Michael Freeman CPA."

Email Address

Be sure to use an email address that you check regularly because this is where you'll receive important notifications, including customer replies.  Customers cannot see this information.

Contact Information

Your contact information is visible only to you and select JustAnswer staff. Customers and other experts do not have access to your personal information. See our privacy policy for more information.

Work Information

We'll use this information to fill your customer-facing profile. To protect your privacy, we do not share your current employer. All other work-related fields are public.

Current Job Title

Examples include: Doctor of Ophthalmology, ASE-Certified Mechanic, and Information Systems Manager.

Current Employer

Please specify your current employer. Rest assured, this information will not appear on your profile.

Work History

Summarise your work experience in a short but descriptive phrase. Here are some examples: "14 years practicing immigration law," "5 years working as a mechanic," and "12 years as a CPA."

Hobbies, Volunteering, & Other Skills

Including your hobbies makes you more personable. Examples include: fishing, walking, playing the violin, or volunteering in a soup kitchen.

Education, Licences & Experience Information

Upload or Change Your CV

Your CV information is displayed only to you and select JustAnswer staff. Remember to always keep a current CV on file - we’ll use it to determine if you qualify for other categories. Admittance into other categories means you’ll have more opportunities to earn money by helping customers.

Other education, licence and experience information

Be sure to include the following:

- University
- Course
- Graduation Year
- Expert Licences
- Issuing Licence Agency
- Licence Agency Website
- Certifications, Awards, Patents, Publications & Other Education

Personal Information

Your Picture

Studies show that high-quality photos build trust and create a positive first impression with customers. For an Expert like you, this means that your picture should be high resolution, friendly, and show that you are a real expert in your designated field. Remember, your picture is the very first thing a customer will see.

Here is a handy checklist to ensure that your picture meets our minimum standards. Your picture must:

- Show uniforms or expert attire, in an expert background were the most trusted. (Examples: lab coat and stethoscope for a doctor, suit for a solicitor or barrister, or coveralls for a mechanic.)
- Be high quality with good lighting
- Be cropped tightly below the shoulders so the focus is on your face, which should show a friendly or caring expression.
- Be betwen 500x500 pixels and 1000x1000 pixels. (Some cropping tools are available during the upload process.)
- Smile!

Signature Text

This field is optional, and you should only use it if you would like a custom signature for every answer. If you would like to have a custom signature, here is a guide to the best practices for signatures.

Please note that custom signatures currently only display for answers given on the website. They do not display when you send an information request (IR).

Attach Signature in Q&A (On/Off)

If you'd like to use a custom signature, don’t forget to turn on the feature!


Mini-profiles contain category-specific information. You can have one mini-profile for each category to which you have been admitted.

To edit your mini-profile(s), please visit View & Edit Mini Profiles. Want a tutorial? Here you go!

On the far right side of the screen, you will see an "Edit" link for each category. Click that link to begin customising your first mini profile.

For each mini profile, you'll want to enter the following information:

Your View Name

Most experts leave this field blank. If left blank, customers will see the Public Profile Name specified in your Main Profile.

In the rare instance that you have been admitted to two very distinct categories, such as medical and antiques or legal and car, you can use this field to indicate a specific view name for one of the categories. For example, if you are a doctor who is also an antiques appraiser, your main profile name can be "Dr. Norm Smith," while your view name for antiques can be simply "Norm Smith."

Your Title

Select or enter an expert title to appear after your view name. For example, if you choose "Boat Mechanic," customers will be introduced to you as, "Allen Jones, Boat Mechanic." Recommended titles appear in the dropdown menu.


Enter a short summary of your qualifications for this category. Customers will look at this field to confirm your expertise, so be sure to highlight your top qualifications such as years of experience, and relevant certifications

Here are a few examples: "15 years as a maintenance technician," "Paediatric consultant with 10 years' experience in caring for infants and toddlers," and "Honda Certified mechanic with 8+ years' experience."

Greeting Text

This field is optional, and you should only use it if you would like a custom greeting to appear for every customer. If you would like to have a custom greeting, here is a guide to the best practices for greetings.

Greeting (On/Off)

If you'd like to use a custom greeting, please make sure you turn this feature on.

Best Testimonial

Positive reviews can help you build trust with new customers. After you receive positive feedback, don’t forget to enter it in this section so other customers can see it.

Congratulations on editing your main profile and your first mini-profile! Your customers will appreciate the time you invested to show them who you are and how eager you are to help them solve problems and live better. And don't forget to edit your other mini-profiles, if you have them - remember, you have one mini-profile per category.

Happy answering!




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