Expert Payment and Customer Rating Guide

By Christine |

The payment process on JustAnswer can be summarised in five steps:

1) You answer a customer's question and/or request.

2) The customer gives you a positive rating. A positive rating is defined as three stars or higher:

3) Credit is applied to your JustAnswer Expert account.

4) Configure payout options: configuring your payout is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you have earned $20 or more you can request payment by following these steps:

  - Visit the Request Payment page by clicking the "Pay Me" link located on the My Questions page or by visiting:

My Questions Page:

"Pay Me" page:

  - Specify whether you would like to transfer all, none, or a specific amount of your earnings from your JustAnswer Expert account to your PayPal account.  Specify your PayPal email address, and click "Submit." The payment schedule that you configure will automatically be used for future months as long as your earnings account shows at least $20 at the start of each month. Make sure to make any changes before 12:00am UTC on the first day of the month – missing this deadline may cause your payment to be delayed until the next cycle.

5) Experts will need to set up a PayPal account and collect their payouts from their PayPal accounts. Expert payments are processed directly to your PayPal account within the first four (4) business days of the following month.

To set up a PayPal account, follow the directions on PayPal's website - and please be sure to use the same email address that you used in your JustAnswer Payout schedule.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to check your PayPal email address before JustAnswer issues payments. Any change to pay requests must be completed before 12:00am UTC the first day of each month. Outside of error by JustAnswer, we reserve the right to correct erroneous payments in the next month and not before. No payments may be issued outside regular payment cycles.

Refunds: if a customer requests a refund within 30 days of payment, will honour the customer's refund request. also reserves the right to process refunds requested after 30 days. The customer's payment to you will be removed from your earnings and returned to the customer at the time the refund is issued.


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